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Wind South-South-West; course North-West by West 1/2 West; distance 132 miles; latitude 46 degrees 48 minutes South, longitude 97 degrees 17 minutes West. Saturday, 18th. Fresh gales all this day. The weather Variable, sometimes fair and Cloudy, other times hazey, with drizzling rain. Saw some Birds nearly as big as Albetrosses; they were all black, with Yellow Beaks.

Seclusion of girls at puberty among the Indians of California, 41-43; among the Indians of Washington State, 43; among the Nootka Indians of Vancouver Island, 43 sq.; among the Haida Indians of the Queen Charlotte Islands, 44 sq.; among the Tlingit Indians of Alaska, 45 sq.; among the Tsetsaut and Bella Coola Indians of British Columbia, 46 sq.; among the Tinneh Indians of British Columbia, 47 sq.; among the Tinneh Indians of Alaska, 48 sq.; among the Thompson Indians of British Columbia, 49-52; among the Lillooet Indians of British Columbia, 52 sq.; among the Shuswap Indians of British Columbia, 53 sq.; among the Delaware and Cheyenne Indians, 54 sq.; among the Esquimaux, 55 sq.

Here are some of the results obtained from experiments made with the Holtz machine. A machine with a plate 46 in. in diameter, making 5 turns in 3 seconds, produced a constant current capable of decomposing millionths of a milligram in a second. This is equal to the effect produced by a Grove's cell in a circuit of 45,000 ohms resistance. The current produced would be about 0.0000044 ampere.

See Surtees Soc., xcv, I ff. Also the townwardens of Melton Mowbray, Leicester Archit. Hudson, Memorials, etc., 88. Pasture. Surtees Soc., lxxxiv, 15. Soc., 1895, 171. For other examples both of parish cows and sheep: see Hale, Crim. Littleton, Worcestersh. Rotherfield Acc'ts, Sussex Arch. Coll., xli, 26, 46. St. Michael's, Bath, Acc'ts, Somerset Arch. Great Witchingham, Norf. and Norw. Arch.

Our latitude, by observation, was 11° 23' S. and our longitude 217° 46' W. our soundings were from fourteen to twenty-three fathom.

Column 6 : Number of Species confined to the Galapagos Archipelago, but found on more than the one island. James : 71 : 33 : 38 : 30 : 8. Albemarle : 46 : 18 : 26 : 22 : 4. Chatham : 32 : 16 : 16 : 12 : 4. J. Hooker. I may premise that I indiscriminately collected everything in flower on the different islands, and fortunately kept my collections separate.

For instance, in the S. Christoph pit, it is found that the mean temperature, at 15 fathoms below the surface, is only slightly above 42° F.; while at the Morgenröther cross-cut the same mean temperature is found at a depth of 46 fathoms.

Long. 31° 46' 45" E. Altitude above sea, 4700 feet, by boiling-point and barometer. 8th February, 1867. The chief demands one of my boxes and a blanket; I explain that one day's rain would spoil the contents, and the boys who have blankets, not being slaves, I cannot take from them what I have given.

"I did, Owen, I did." "Whin ye got word of her death last year, was ye a broken-hearted widdy or was ye not?" "I was, Owen, I was." 46 "John McGillis, do ye call yerself a widdy now, or do ye not call yerself a widdy?" "I do, Owen, I do." "Thin ye're the loire," and Owen slapped his face. For a minute there was danger of manslaughter as they dealt each other blows with sledge fists.

The inventory showed property valued at $46,186, besides the church and its equipment. The general statistics from the foundation, 1804 to 1834, show 1372 baptisms, 409 marriages, and 1271 deaths. The largest number of cattle was 7300 in 1831, 800 horses in 1816, and 6000 sheep in 1821.