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In order, then, that he should have been aedile under Titus, even admitting that he could boast, like Cicero, of having obtained all his honours in the prescribed years "omnes honores anno suo" and been aedile the moment he was qualified by age for the office, he must have been born, at least, as far back as the year 44.

It also carried the label of the Oceanic Express Company, marked, "Charges Paid" and "per S.S. Russia" with the package number, 44,281, in indelible pencil. "Well?" said Indiman, interrogatively. "You see, I was in a scrape on account of that thing, and I wanted to put the matter straight.

Also wheat will not bear wagon transport of 330 miles, while, moved that distance by railroad it is worth $44.55 per ton. The social effect of railroads is seen and felt by those who live in the neighborhood of large cities. The unhealthy density of population is prevented, by enabling men to live five, ten, or fifteen miles away from the city and yet do business therein.

The canvass in these 44 counties, however, shows that there were 13,609 more names listed as voting, as shown by the poll books, than there were suffrage ballots. Add to this the 2,289 votes where certain precincts show more votes on the amendment than names recorded in the poll books and altogether 15,898 more names are found on the poll books than there were ballots cast on woman suffrage.

At this Time some others were putting off from the Shore, but we did not wait their coming, but made sail to the Northward. At Noon the Northermost land in sight North 20 degrees East, and Young Nicks head, or the South point of Poverty Bay, West-Northerly, near 4 Leagues. Latitude observed 38 degrees 44 minutes 30 seconds South. Friday, 20th.

In the strips of sandy waste, which occasionally intervened, where the light and volatile soil was incapable of sustaining a road, huge piles, many of them to be seen at this day, were driven into the ground to indicate the route to the traveller.44

FRUCTIFICATION, all, is originally derived from the influx of love, wisdom, and use from the Lord; from an immediate influx into the souls of men; from a mediate influx into the souls of animals; and from an influx still more mediate into the inmost principles of vegetables, 183. Fructifications are continuations of creation, 183. Fructification in the heavens, 44, 355. FUTURE, the.

On November 15th I was in the latitude of 44 degrees 33 minutes south, and in the longitude of 140 degrees 32 minutes. The variation was then 18 degrees 30 minutes west, which variation decreased every day, in such a manner, that, on the 21st of the same month, being in the longitude of 158 degrees, I observed the variation to be no more than 4 degrees.

Receipts from the public, other than borrowing $48 ...... ....... $44 ...... ...... Payments to the public ......$96 .............$64...... Less: Adjustments2 $7 $7 ....... $14 $14 ....... Receipts $198 ....... ...... $182 ...... ...... Expenditures ......$198............ $182...... Balance ...... ...... 0 ...... ...... ......

That Young Goldsmith, No. 207, which used to be given to Leonardo but is now Ridolfo Ghirlandaio's, is here; a Franciabigio, No. 43; a questioned Raphael, No. 44; a fine and sensitive head of one of the Gonzaga family by Mantegna, No. 375; the coarse head of Giovanni Bentivoglio by da Costa, No. 376; and a Pollaiuolo, No. 370, S. Jerome, whose fine rapt countenance is beautifully drawn.

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