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So when she hath saved my master despite himself, sweet saint, then do thou join them heart and body, give them joy abounding and happiness enduring, nor forget them in the matter of comely children. So bring to woeful Pentavalon and to us all and every, peace at last and prosperity and to sorrowful Roger a belt wherein be no accursed notches and a soul made clean. In nomen Dominum, Amen!"

But as the verbal authorisation which he had given was not sufficient, a pen and paper were given to Sand, and he wrote, with a steady hand and in his usual writing: "I thank the authorities of Mannheim for anticipating my most eager wishes by making my execution six hours earlier. "Sit nomen Domini benedictum. "From the prison room, May 20th, day of my deliverance.

Patrick looked severely at him, and cried out to God with a loud voice, and he said: "Domine qui omnia potes et in tua potestate consistit quidquid est, quique nos misisti huc ad nomen tuum gentibus praedicandum hic impius qui blasphemat nomen tuum, elevatur nunc foras, et cito moriatur.

Give me hold of the book a minute." After some whispered gabbling, assisted by the beating of his fist on the table, Tom returned the book. "Mascula nomina in a," he began. "No, Tom," said Maggie, "that doesn't come next. It's Nomen non creskens genittivo "

He fetched a long breath, and opened first that magazine, clarum et venerabile nomen, from which he might reasonably expect the greatest surprises of merit in the verse. There were only two pieces, and neither seemed to him of the old-time quality, but neither was such as he would himself have perhaps rejected if he had been editor.

Some future age, in the endless revolutions of time, may produce another Washington, but the greater probability is, that he is destined to remain forever, as he now is, the Phoenix of human kind. "'What a possession to his country is such a fame! Such a "Clarum et venerabile nomen gentibus?"

St. Paul to the Romans maketh a gradation of such-wise: Omnis quicunque invocaverit nomen Domini salvabitur: quomodo ergo invocabunt in quem non crediderunt, aut quomodo credent ei quem non audisrunt? that is to say, "Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved: but how shall they call upon him, in whom they believe not? How shall they believe on him of whom they have not heard?

Agypto annexa est Cyrenaica regio, Ammonis oraculo maxime clara, nuunc Barchana provincia dimidia pars Orientalis, eadem Pentapolitana dicta, a quinque insignium urbium numero, qua Beranice, Arsinoe, Ptolemais, Apollonia, et ipsa Cyrene, unde regioni nomen. Graci hanc condiderunt, ex Thera insula. Agai maris profecti.

The back-water, where my bonnet had danced, no longer remained; all was carried clear out in one long rush down to the Cluag. 'Benedictum sit nomen Domini! I thought, as I crossed myself. I stretched out my hand, and plucked the nearest flowers, and smelled their sweet greenwood scent with inexpressible delight.

Vltima ad Occasum est Mauritania; in qua praecipua gens Maurorum, unde nomen regioni. Hos Graeci Maurusios dixerunt.

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