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"The next morning the Phoenix was crowded as if for a review.

When the report did reach him, and he heard that Lowe, who knew all about it, was at the Phoenix, where he was holding a conference with a gentleman from the Crown Office, half wild with excitement, he hurried thither.

His next poem, Juliana, the legend of a virgin-martyr, indicates a transition in his spiritual life; sorrow and repentance are its predominant notes, and in these respects another poem, St. Guthlac, resembles it. The Phoenix, and the second part of Guthlac, though not certainly his, are generally attributed to him.

The outfit of the Bar-20 was, perhaps, the most famous of all from Canada to the Rio Grande. Crooked gaming houses, from El Paso to Cheyenne and from Phoenix to Leavenworth, unanimously and enthusiastically damned them from their boots to their sombreros, and the sheriffs and marshals of many localities had received from their hands most timely assistance and some trouble.

Catholics were there, and red tickets were on their cell-doors; Protestants were there, and white tickets marked their apartments; Jews were there, and provision was made for their special observances; but the Atheist was the rara avis, the very phoenix of Holloway Gaol. Let us turn to another method of investigation.

The Roosevelt Dam is the chief work of construction in what is called the Salt River project. By the completion of this work at least 200,000 acres in the vicinity of Phoenix, Arizona, were reclaimed. This dam is 284 feet high, 1,080 feet long on the crest, and 165 feet thick at the base.

Who should think of the Phoenix and of a new age to come when there should be no more Yen and Lu and Chow and Tsin and Ts'in, but one broad and mighty realm, a Middle, a Celestial Kingdom, such a Chu Hia as time had no memory of; to whose throne the Hun himself should bow, or whose hosts should drive him out of Asia; a Chu Hia to whom tribute should come from the uttermost ends of the earth?

The Phoenix stopped speaking and fluttered away crossly to the cornice-pole; for Cyril had hit out, as boys do when they are awakened suddenly, and the Phoenix was not used to boys, and his feelings, if not his wings, were hurt. 'Sorry, said Cyril, coming awake all in a minute. 'Do come back! What was it you were saying? Something about bacon and rations?

"It is rather like Merrion Square," said Kavanagh, gravely; "or that perhaps combined with the Phoenix Park, with a touch of the Lakes of Killarney." "Sure, now, you are making fun of a poor boy! Look at that bird now! Isn't he an illigant bird that? There's a many of them about, and they are the best looking I have seen at all in Egypt." "Do they remind you of Ireland, too?" asked Kavanagh.

The Phoenix was now very nearly five hundred years old; in a few weeks he would have to build his nest and die. The Tufters too were five years older; but five years makes a great deal more difference with them than it does with the Phoenix. It makes them much wiser; even the one that had been rash was quite prudent now.

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