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Thus, what little virtue may remain in the mind of youth is contaminated by precept, as well as example; and the rising generation is in a fair way of being even more corrupted than that which has preceded it. "AEtas parentum, pejor avis, tulit Nos nequiores, mox daturos Progeniem vitiosiorem."

But, though he thus resolved and reasoned the intruding feeling into nothing, yet he felt he would not like to have Avis Gurley know how often the sparkling countenance and witching smile of this new and beautiful face had been found mingling themselves with the previously exclusive images of his dreams. But, if they did so before this second interview, would they do it less now?

"So I should suppose," cried Madame, forgetting the other questions as to the day of marriage, etc., in the vexation of the moment. "She must certainly be the bird of whom Phoenix wrote that rose from ashes in the days of the classics. Rarum avis indeed! Eh, Jupiter?" "Very rarum, my dear, very indeed!" responded her husband, with imitative sarcasm. "An avis indeed, not a doubt of it."

"You know there is nothing to forgive," I replied. Then Zenith said: "The doctor implies that we have all helped in the happy result, but I can tell you that it is entirely due to himself and Avis. He happened to meet Avis and heard her sing.

"What is that, Franks?" asked the chief, raising his head from a pile of papers over which he was bending. "Why, our rara avis, our new star of the literary firmament, has come to a complete collapse. Something has snuffed her out; she has written rubbish." "What? you surely do not allude to Miss Aylmer?" "I do.

"But you were mean, Muriel," said Avis. "Why couldn't you introduce Patty to some of us?" "It doesn't seem to have been necessary," replied Muriel; "you've evidently taken her up on your own account. I suppose Patty can make her friends, and I can have mine?" "But you left her quite alone at first, with nobody to speak to," said Winnie; "it was most unkind.

The preacher then took his text, and chose for his subject the casting of the buyers and sellers out of the temple. This was an opportunity not to be lost by me. A gospel minister was indeed a rara avis, at Oxford. I therefore took out my utensils and very industriously wrote notes, that the divine breathings of the man of God might not be lost upon me.

In this way we possess evidence of the development of pastoral life at that remote epoch in the unalterably fixed names of domestic animals; the Sanscrit -gaus- is the Latin -bos-, the Greek bous ; Sanscrit -avis- is the Latin -ovis-, Greek ois ; Sanscrit -asvas-, Latin -equus-, Greek ippos ; Sanscrit -hansas-, Latin -anser-, Greek chein ; Sanscrit -atis-, Latin -anas-, Greek neissa ; in like manner -pecus-, -sus-, -porcus-, -taurus-, -canis-, are Sanscrit words.

"Is she beautiful, too?" "I shall leave you to be your own judge of that when you see her. Now, not another question." "Well," I said, as we started to find some of the others, "if the Mona of your imagination gives you as much pleasure as Avis has given me before I have seen her, I do not wonder that you cherish her memory."

"I believe crests came next," said Avis reflectively. "Vera Clifford introduced them, because she was so proud her family has one of its own. She put it on the front page, and showed it to everybody." "Yes, and she never forgave Doris Kennedy for making fun of it." "What did Doris say?"