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Latrat et amittit, humilis, vilis, negat, heret: Est celeste Canis sidus, in amne natat. 'Firstly it is a thing that barks': three verses of quotation follow. 'Secondly it loses; canis being the name for the worst throw with the dice': one verse of quotation. 'Thirdly it is something humble: David to Saul, "After whom is the King of Israel come out? after a dead dog? after a flea?"

In commerce they are termed "cased wolves," because their skins, on being removed, are not split open as with the large wolf-skins, but are stript off after the manner of rabbits, and then turned inside out, or "cased," as it is termed. So much for the Canis latrans. "Prairie wolves!" said Basil, in answer to the question put by his cousin.

The common European rat and mouse have roamed far from the habitations of the settlers. The "culpeu" is the Canis Magellanicus brought home by Captain King from the Strait of Magellan. These wolves are well known from Byron's account of their tameness and curiosity, which the sailors, who ran into the water to avoid them, mistook for fierceness. To this day their manners remain the same.

In canis, for instance, the bull-dog and mastiff represent the ferocious sub-typical group; the waterdog is natatorial; we see the speed and length of muzzle of the suctorial group in the greyhound; and the bushy tail and gentle and serviceable character of the rasorial in the shepherd's dog and spaniel.

For the other acts and sciences, he says, Alexander highly indeed commended their excellence and charm, and had them in very great honour and esteem, but not ravished with them to that degree as to be tempted to affect the practice of them In his own person: "Petite hinc, juvenesque senesque, Finem ammo certum, miserisque viatica canis."

Ursus had kept the two children with him. They were a group of wanderers. Ursus and Homo had aged. Ursus had become quite bald. The wolf was growing gray. The age of wolves is not ascertained like that of dogs. According to Molière, there are wolves which live to eighty, amongst others the little koupara, and the rank wolf, the Canis nubilus of Say.

Tanta: suis petiere ultra fera semina sylvis, Dat Venus accessus, et blando foedere jungit. Tunc et mansuetis tuto ferus erat adulter In stabulis, ultroque gravis succedere tigrim Ausa canis, majore tulit de sanguine foetum. 'Gratii Falisci Cyneget., liv. 1. v. 160.

In my "Astronomy with an Opera Glass" will be found a cut showing a singular array of small stars partly encircling delta. These are widely scattered by a telescope, even with the lowest power. Eastward from Canis Major we find some of the stars of Argo Navis.

The distances of several of the brightest of the fixed stars have been estimated. Amongst others, Vega in the constellation Lyra is 100 millions of millions of miles away; Sirius in Canis Major, 123 millions of millions; the Pole-star, 282 millions of millions; and Capella, 340 millions of millions of miles, a figure represented by no less than fifteen digits.

Herodotus says that if a wolf was found dead he was buried, and Aelian states that the herb Lykoktonon, which was poisonous to wolves, might on no account be brought into the city, where they were held sacred. The wolf numbered among the sacral animals is the canis lupaster, which exists in Egypt at the present day. had broken into the stable of the sacred rams.

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