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But when the Great Man stood alone in his silent study, that strange and unexpected interview concluded, he turned his eyes upward, not looking, even once, toward the sublime bust of Jupiter which stood before him, serene in more than mortal grandeur; extended both his arms, and prayed in solemn accents

So, then, the "Grand Barmaid Contest" opened; and in spite of the very unmistakable appearance put in by Jupiter Fluvius, a numerous assemblage gathered in the North Woolwich Gardens to inaugurate a festival which, whatever else we may think of it, is at all events sui generis.

"No, no; keep your place, my Judah, keep your place," Messala cried, extending his hand. "You mock me." "Listen a little further. Directly" the Roman smiled derisively "directly Jupiter and his whole family, Greek and Latin, will come to me, as is their habit, and make an end of serious speech.

So that Phidias, when he formed his Jupiter, did not copy any object ever presents to his sight; but contemplated only that image which he had conceived in his mind from Homer's description."

"Eight thousand miles from this spot, Bud. It should land here in fifteen minutes!" Tom Jr., his father, Bud, and a host of scientists, Navy officers, and newsmen were crowded aboard a U.S. Navy missile launching ship. "Just think!" Bud exulted. "You'll have data from the planet Jupiter that no one on earth has yet been able to get!" "If we recover the missile safely," Mr.

Nothing can exceed the cool impertinence with which the poet Martial prefers the favour of Domitian to that of the great Jupiter of the Capitol.

Towers, and with full heart looked forward to the day when he might entertain him in princely style at his own full-spread board in the deanery dining-room. It had been well for Mr. Slope that Dr. Trefoil had died in the autumn. Those caterers for our morning repast, the staff of "The Jupiter," had been sorely put to it for the last month to find a sufficiency of proper pabulum.

He looked at me like a gled, and in a minute exclaimed, "Mad, by Jupiter! as mad as a March hare!" He then entered into conversation with me, and said, that he had noticed me an altered man, and was just so far on his way to the manse, to enquire what had befallen me.

Vivian, if you please?" "What old lady?" stammered the Prophet, beginning to perspire. "The old lady who's got ankles, your honoured grandmother?" "On the twentieth of this month. But " "At what time?" "Six in the morning. But " "Under what star?" "Saturn. But " "That's lucky, isn't it, Jupiter?" said Madame, in an increasingly business-like manner.

But while Whewell's general objection to the theory that Jupiter or Saturn is in the same condition as our earth thus acquires new force, the particular explanation which he gave of the planet's small density is open to precisely the same general objection.

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