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She had visited her aunt in the Convent, and had learned the new hymn composed by her for the solemn occasion. As they listened with quiet awe to the supplicating strain, Angelique repeated to Le Gardeur the words of the hymn as it was sung by the choir of nuns: "'Soutenez, grande Reine, Notre pauvre pays! Il est votre domaine, Faites fleurir nos lis!

I drove a gentleman to your club early in the evening, and he must have left it accidental in the cab. Maybe you know him." It was a plain white envelope bearing the typewritten address: Mr. Orrin Chivers, Nos. 13-15 Barowsky Chambers, Seward Square, New York. The envelope had been opened, but the enclosure still remained in it. "Thank you," said Indiman. "I'll take charge of it."

The garde and the juge and the local huissier and the bachelor chemist all beat the hafts of their knives on the table in applause, and she sang, with a vivacity and archness Paul had never before observed in her, a snatch of cheap Belgian sentimentalism: 'Toux les deux, la main dans la main, Nous poursuivions notre chemin, Sous la céleste voûte; Les doux échos mystérieux Répéter nos baisers joyeux Tout le long tout le long de la route.

Modern Julians have been trying to resuscitate old Rome, and to found for her a new empire, and have only made Italy another Ireland, with a starving people and a bankrupt government. 'Nos patriæ fines, nos dulcia linquimus arva'. The Italians are emigrating year after year to avoid starvation in the Garden of Europe.

On the opposite side of the road the houses from No. 44 to Smith, Stanistreet & Co., and extending round the corner into Camac Street including No. 4/1, are also built on reclaimed bustee land. Nos. 45, 46, and 47 on the same side, higher up, are built on what was, at one time, part of the compound of 5, Harington Street, owned and occupied by Mr.

Paul, in the prayer, "Protege nos Domine, etc.," and in another which begins with these words "Exaudi nos Deus," etc., in memory of what had been revealed to St. Francis, that these apostles interceded powerfully with God for his Institute.

In the words of Corneille, "l'amour ne doit etre que l'ornement, et non l'ame de nos pieces," and this is how it is generally employed by the best dramatists. The love of Benedict and Beatrice, for example, is simply a setting for their witty talk and repartee. On the Spanish stage love is often a setting for entertaining intrigue, as in Lope de Vega's El Perro del Hortelano.

Thus perished the ill-fated husband of poor Mary March, and she herself, from the moment when her hand was touched by the white man, became the child of sorrow, a character which never left her, until she became shrouded in an early tomb. Among her tribe she was known as "De mas do weet," her husband's name was "No nos baw sut."

Mais ce que je puis vous dire, c'est que, sous la caresse du TU, nos idees se sont elevees. Nous avions toujours beaucoup ri ensemble; mais nous n'avions jamais laisse des banalites s'introduire dans nos echanges de pensees. Ce soir-la, notre horizon intellectual s'est elargie, et nous y avons pousse des reconnaissances profondes et lointaines.

The church of Ste-Marguerite was erected in 1625 in the Rue St-Bernard, Nos. 28 and 30, Faubourg St-Antoine, and is still attended by the inhabitants of that quarter. Maison de Scipion was founded in a street of the same name in the year 1622 by an Italian gentleman named Scipio Sardini, and is now the bakehouse for making bread for all the hospitals in Paris.