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Glozel had said to her neighbours afterwards that the funeral cost over seventy-five dollars and had set up a stone to her memory on which was carved, "Chez nous autrefois, et chez Dieu maintenant" which was to say, "Our home once, and God's Home now." That done, with a sorrow which still had the peace of finality in his mind, he had turned his face to the West.

Je n'ai pas craint non plus de vous choquer en vous ecrivant avec un ton si familier, et comme il conviendrait a une ancienne connaissance; car il me semble que nous le sommes; l'affection et l'estime de ma part et une grande bonte de la votre, ont bien pu suppleer le temps.

In this sense Impressionism is a protest analogous to that of Romanticism, exclaiming, to quote the old verse: "Qui nous délivrera des Grecs et des Romains?" From this point of view Impressionism has also great affinities with the ideas of the English Pre-Raphaelites, who stepped across the second and even the first Renaissance back to the Primitives.

"Ne nous précipitons, cependant, pas

In the shelter of a doorway stood a group of territorials, getting their first real news of the battle from a Paris newspaper. I heard "Nous avons reculé huit kilomètres le général Pétain " A motor-lorry drowned out the rest. That night we were given orders to be ready to evacuate the château in case the Boches advanced.

Mais nous avons change tout cela. The lady of the house now thinks first of amusing herself, and arranges to sit between two favorites. Society has become much simpler, and especially less expensive, for unmarried men than it used to be.

Her words came to him sonorously as through a great open space. Then the great figure came suddenly across the flagged hall at him and seized his trembling hands. Some overpowering force moved with her and caught him. "On pourrait faire un p'tit tour ensemble, n'est-ce pas? Nous y allons cette nuit et il faut s'exercer un peu d'avance pour cela. Ilsé, Ilsé, viens donc ici. Viens vite!"

De Valse nous allâmes

"The breach in our wall is the Curé," continued Zotique. "Mais." Qu'allons nous faire, Dans cette gallère? "If we could only strap him up with, every mark of respect, like the sacred white elephant of the Indies! But first, the Bishop's order! Remark my brother, I am not advocating disobedience: only coercion." The laugh rose again.

Martha Washington and the good ladies of her acquaintance knew nothing about the upper waters of the Missouri, and the words "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer" were not merely literature to them. 'Nous avons change tout cela', although there are yet certain crudities to be eliminated.

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