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Lang is not with us; but the affinities of Catholicism with universal religion, which he marks to our prejudice, are really in some sort proof of our contention that the Church is the divinely conceived fulfilment of all man's natural religious instincts, providing harmless and healthy outlets for humours otherwise dangerous and morbid; never forgetful of man's double nature and its claims, neither wearying him with an impossible intellectualism a religion of pure philosophy not suffering him to be the prey of mere imagination and sentiment, but tempering the divine and human, the thought and the word, so as to bring all his faculties under the yoke of Christ.

But this is a divergence; we should be a little more forward, perhaps, if we knew who were the Coreans, or whence they came. But we do not. But the fact is that neither blood-affinity nor speech-affinity is much to the purpose here; we have to do with affinities of culture.

The defect of it in general if she might so ungraciously criticise was that, by its sweet universality, it made relations rather prosaically a matter of course. It anticipated and superseded the likewise sweet operation of real affinities. It was this that was doubtless marked in her power to keep him now this and her glassy lustre of attention to his pleasantness about the scenery in the Rockies.

To say that this advance in chemical heterogeneity is due to the one cause, diminution of the Earth's temperature, would be to say too much; for it is clear that aqueous and atmospheric agencies have been concerned; and further, that the affinities of the elements themselves are implied.

We can understand, on the above views, the very important distinction between real affinities and analogical or adaptive resemblances. Lamarck first called attention to this subject, and he has been ably followed by Macleay and others.

They are lists of the citizens of two cities. The idea is that the one class have relations and affinities with the celestial, are 'fellow-citizens with the saints, and have heaven as their metropolis, their mother city. Therefore they are but as aliens here, and should not wish to be naturalised.

That is why, desiring to do it full justice, I valued its aptitude for moral-holiday giving so highly. Its claims in that way are unique, whereas its affinities with strenuousness are less emphatic than those of the pluralistic scheme. In the last lecture of my book I candidly admitted this inferiority of pluralism. It lacks the wide indifference that absolutism shows.

The rational moralist represents a force energising in the world, discovering its affinities there and clinging to them to the exclusion of their hateful opposites. He represents, over against the chance facts, an ideal embodying the particular demands, possibilities, and satisfactions of a specific being.

Here it is that Nature teaches and condemns, and still spurs us up to further effort and new failure. To please is to serve; and so far from its being difficult to instruct while you amuse, it is difficult to do the one thoroughly without the other. We shall never learn the affinities of beauty, for they lie too deep in nature and too far back in the mysterious history of man.

But there are many affinities between them; they have many traits in common, despite the points of difference between them.

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