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Je me remis en route avant le jour pour regagner Gaza: mais quand j'y arrivai je ne retrouvai plus ni mes quatre compagnons, ni même messire Sanson de Lalaing. Tous cinq étoient retournés

It appeared that the officers of Tchitchakoff's army treated themselves well, for there was a profusion of hams, pastries, sausages, dried fish, smoked meat and wines of all sorts, plus an immense quantity of ships biscuits, rice, cheese, etc. Our men also took furs and strong footwear, which saved the lives of many of them.

She leant back among the purple cushions, her figure so supple in its lines, it made him think of a snake. She half closed her eyes again and she spoke low in a dreamy voice: "It was fate, Paul. I knew it when I entered the room. I felt it again among the green trees, and so I ran from you but to-night it is plus fort que moi so I called you to come in." "I am so glad so glad," said Paul.

Mesty agreed with Jack that this was the ne plus ultra of navigation: and that old Smallsole could not do better with his "pig-yoke" and compasses. So they shook a reef out of the top-sails, set top-gallant-sails, and ran directly down the coast from point to point, keeping about five miles distant.

The china pudding dish, with its tray and its heat-proof baking pan, is a pretty and convenient accessory, saving the bother of veiling the crackled complexion of the ordinary baking dish with a napkin, These cannot be had for less than $3.50 and are made in silver also, minus the tray and plus a cover.

But this superiority in numbers on the allied side was neutralized by the strength of the German defense works plus artillery. None of the Allies' undertakings had, so far, been carried out to its logical or intended conclusion. Whether this was due to weakness, infirmity of purpose or lack of coordination, remains to be told some future day.

"You're the same Isabel I used to know!" he said in a low voice. "You're a divinely ridiculous woman." "Am I, Eugene?" she said, not displeased. "'Divinely' and 'ridiculous' just counterbalance each other, don't they? Plus one and minus one equal nothing; so you mean I'm nothing in particular?" "No," he answered, tugging at a lever. "That doesn't seem to be precisely what I meant. There!"

Successful football is the result of a good system, plus good material. Of the men who coach to-day, the experience of John H. Rush, popularly known as Speedy Rush, stands out as unique. Rush never played football, for he preferred track athletics, but he understood the theory of the game.

"La femme devenue ouvrière, n'est plus une femme," wrote Jules Simon in a burst of despair at the conditions of the Paris workwoman; and he repeated the word as his investigations extended to manufacturing France, and he found everywhere the home in many cases abolished, the crèche taking its place till the child, vitally dependent upon a care that included love, gave up the struggle for existence, rendering its tiny quota to the long list of infant mortality.

Ou l'election naturelle n'est rien, ou c'est la nature: mais la nature douee d'election, mais la nature personnifiee: derniere erreur du dernier siecle: Le XIXe ne fait plus de personnifications." M. Flourens cannot imagine an unconscious selection it is for him a contradiction in terms. Did M. Flourens ever visit one of the prettiest watering-places of "la belle France," the Baie d'Arcachon?