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When he was well off I never cost him more than a supper at the Maison Doree; and if he is poor he shall marry me, and I will support him!" "You! and how?" "By my profession when peace comes; and meanwhile I have offers from a cafe to recite warlike songs. Ah! you shake your head incredulously. The ballet-dancer recite verses? Yes! he taught me to recite his own Soyez bon pour moi.

"Diana, don't be an idiot! You'll go to sleep and fall into the garden and break your neck." "Tant pis pour moi. Tant mieux pour toi," she said flippantly. "I have left you all that I have in the world, dear brother. Could devotion go further?" She paid no heed to his exclamation of annoyance, and looked back into the garden.

But, alas! these springs give little hope of a break down, and that confounded axle will outlive the patentee. But still, can nothing be done? eh? Come, the thought is a good one I say, garcon, who greases the wheels of the carriage here?" "C'est moi, monsieur," said a great oaf, in wooden shoes and a blouse.

In our own day certain ways of thinking, culminating in development of the Moi and production of the Uebermensch, and general self-engrossment and currishness, are peculiarly hostile to courtship. Whereas the old religious training, where it did not degenerate into excessive asceticism, was a school of good manners towards the universe as well as towards one's neighbours.

Moi, je to marierai, Ma luron lurette! Moi, je to marierai, Ma luron lure! "So; and another year it go along, and Bargon he know that if there come bad crop it is good-bye-my lover with himselves. He owe two hunder' and fifty dollar. It is the spring at Easter, and I go up to him and Norinne, for there is no Mass, and Pontiac is too far away off.

I don't think, however, that I am a monster of egoism. My Moi scatters itself in books so that I pass whole days without noticing it. I have bad moments, it is true, but I pull myself together by this reflection: "No one at least bothers me." After that, I regain my balance. So I think that I am going on in my natural path; am I right?

When his wife had betrayed him, and his wife and child had left him, he had said, "Moi je suis philosophe!" but he was a man of wealth in those days, and money soothes hurts of that kind in rare degree. Would he still say, whatever was yet to come, that he was a philosopher?

"No," said Velasco, "What should there be to make me suffer? Not until to-night! Ugh, this is torture, horrible!" "Have you ever twisted and writhed in an agony of mind that was like madness because " "Of course," said Velasco, "After my concerts I am always like that. It is " He shuddered. "A black depression creeps over one. Bózhe moi! It is awful! Is that what you mean?"

With neither section does the strength, the glory, the integrity, and the continuance of the Empire count; and the honour of England, like the true well-being of Ireland, is the last thing thought of by either party. The motto of the one is: "Fiat justitia ruat caelum" of the other: "Après moi le déluge."

What a thing is joy! My heart beat madly, the blood rushed in my veins. What was that noise I heard in my ear beyond the shouting in the street? Was it the cooing which used to haunt my dreams? Yes it was. And Alathea's voice was murmuring in French: "Pardon, pardon, j' etais si bien ingrate Pardonnez moi Hein?"