I played with pigeons and with vital statistics and made love to little French girls whose sweethearts were dying in the trenches. And in London. But I talk too much. Yes, my tongue slips, you say. But I am lonely and talk is easy.... I drink your health ... hein! it was a day when we met...." Dorn raised his glass. "To the confusion of the seven deadly virtues!" he laughed.

"I have found one," said the giant, eagerly; "I will place myself in ambuscade behind the pillar with this iron bar, and invisible, unattackable, if they come in floods, I can let my bar fall upon their skulls, thirty times in a minute. Hein! what do you think of the project? You smile!" "Excellent, dear friend, perfect!

The little sister was more to be envied of the two come what may, she loved her husband, such as he was, and her heart might ache, but it was not with a void. Monsieur de Ventadour soon shuffled up to Maltravers his nose longer than ever. "Hein hein how d'ye do how d'ye do? charmed to see you saw madame before me hein hein I suspect I suspect " "Mr.

The arms and name of the Baron de Ribaumont's wife will there be entered; and from my house at Quinet you shall write, and I, too, will write; my son shall take care that the letters be forwarded safely, and you shall await their arrival under my protection. That will be more fitting than running the country with an old pastor, hein?

"Last night I lost two thousand dollars at the Little Goshen field. I did not play well last night; I was nervous. In ten years I had not lost so much at one game as I did last night. It was a punishment for playing too honest, or something; eh, what do you think, Lucy or something, 'hein?" She said nothing, but rocked her body to and fro. "Why did you not make known the marriage with Shon?"

An expeditionary force of exceptional strength was got ready; and, as Piet Hein, at the very height of his fame, unfortunately lost his life in the spring of 1629 in an encounter with the Dunkirk pirates, Hendrik Cornelisz Lonck, who had served as vice-admiral under Hein at Matanzas bay, was made admiral-in-chief, with Jonckheer Diederik van Waerdenburgh in command of the military forces.

"Well, that's all right," I said with a sigh of relief, when Grodwitz and I were back in the corridor again. "But there doesn't seem to be much of the peasant about him!" "I was but jesting, mon ami," Grodwitz assured me. "But now your ordeal is over. You will take a hand at bridge, hein?"

Their equipment! It is that which astonishes me. Everything is complete. They say that the English have saved France; but the French also, they have saved England, is it not so, Monsieur? SUBALTERN. But we are saving each other! BOURGEOIS. Good! We are saving each other! Very good! But after the war, Monsieur, England will fight against France, hein? SUBALTERN. Never! BOURGEOIS. Never?

And then she began to laugh with an ironical laugh, and told me that I was wasting my time running after great ladies, only to fail with them. Hein! The reader of Balzac's life is forced to the sad conclusion that Parisian gossip had on this occasion sketched the situation tolerably correctly; though the truth of the picture was no doubt denied with much indignation by Madame Hanska.

Even if we reach land, we must soon sink to earth. Without food, water, anything ce n'est pas gai, hein?" "No, it is not gay," the chief answered. "But with machine-guns " "Machine-guns cannot fight against the African sun, against famine, thirst, delirium, madness. Well 'blessed be certainty, as the Arabs say." "You mean death?" "Yes, I mean death.