"Nay, mon ami, speaking candidly, we must confess that he never from the first pretended to advocate the cause for which you conspired. On the contrary, he always said that with the fall of the Empire our union would cease, and each become free to choose his own way towards his own after- objects."

Ah! mon Dieu! point de l'eau rien a manger," cried Madame de Fontanges; then smiling through her tears, "mais ce rencontre est charmant; n'est ce pas mon ami?" continued the lady, appealing to her husband.

He knew that weariness of the spirit that finds no vent was a greater danger still. "So you think I have a future before me?" he said. "I am sure of it." Bertrand spoke with conviction. "It will not be an easy future, mon ami. Perhaps it will not be happy. Those who climb have no time to gather the flowers by the way. But it will be great. You desire that, yes?" "In a fashion," Max said.

One, the date of composition unknown, is dedicated "a son ami Emile Gaillard;" the other first appeared in a musical publication of Schotts' about 1842 or 1843 according to Niecks. Of this set I prefer the former; it abounds in octaves and ends with a long trill There is in the Klindworth edition a Mazurka, the last in the set, in the key of F sharp.

Having loosened my hair out of its braids, made up the long back-hair close, and brushed the front hair to one side, I took my hat and gloves in my hand and came out. M. Paul was waiting, and so were the others. He looked at me. "That may pass in a pensionnat," he pronounced. Then added, not unkindly, "Courage, mon ami! Un peu de sangfroid un peu d'aplomb, M. Lucien, et tout ira bien." St.

Her feelings would be the more acute and the struggle against herself all the keener on that account." "But Major Hardinge?" "La, la, la! your Major. She may have loved him till she saw the other man, and then, ma foi . From a Major to a Captain, from a loyalist to a rebel is rather a descent, eh, mon ami? But what will you have? These things cannot be controlled. They happen every day.

"Mon ami, it's a good thing to have warmth both without and within," said, the Sergeant who had already befriended our two heroes, beating his hands together to promote the circulation, and blowing upon his fingertips, for it was a chilly day this late February, 1916.

Mon ami. We don't observe the Sunday. Voila le vrai phylloxera."

There French and foreign regiments were well mixed, esprit de corps was maintained, staunch loyalists were in command, and it was conceivable that the troops would respond to Louis' appeal if the King summoned them to his help. So thought Marat, and many others. The author of the Ami du peuple voiced the popular fear, that the army on the north-eastern frontier would destroy the national cause.

He spoke low and with a deliberate purpose; and at his tone recklessness seized upon Max. "A woman, mon ami! Just a woman!" He stiffened his shoulders, threw up his head, like a child who would dare the universe. "Yes, but what woman?" With amazing suddenness Blake swung round and fixed a searching glance upon him. "She's the living image of you but you with such a difference "