I regret only one part of it." "And that?" "That my bullet didn't kill him!" Elizabeth looked down and tapped the folded paper against her fingertips. Whether it was mere thoughtfulness or a desire to veil a profound emotion from Terence, her brother could not tell. But he knew that something of importance was in the air. He scented it as clearly as the smoke of a forest fire.

On this day it would not have been possible for any part of the mind whatsoever to misvalue the remaining treasure of silver coin. It had become inconsiderable, and even if kept from view could be, and was, counted again and again by mere blind fingertips.

Yes, decidedly, it was time she was leaving, her saner self told her. She fumbled among the wraps in the cloak-room until she found her own, then, steadying herself by running her fingertips along the wall, she slipped from the hotel without being observed. "Made a good getaway that time," she muttered.

The people about the house and the clerks at the provision stores often remarked that Trina's fingertips were swollen and the nails purple as though they had been shut in a door. Indeed, this was the explanation she gave.

To Alfred's intense surprise, his lips had barely touched Zoie's fingertips when he felt his head seized in a frantic embrace. "Alfred, Alfred!" cried Zoie in delight; then she smothered his face with kisses. As she lifted her head to survey her astonished husband, she caught the reproving eye of Aggie.

He stooped and lifted the valance. The book, fallen, sprawled against the bulge of the orangekeyed chamberpot. Show here, she said. I put a mark in it. There's a word I wanted to ask you. She swallowed a draught of tea from her cup held by nothandle and, having wiped her fingertips smartly on the blanket, began to search the text with the hairpin till she reached the word. Met him what? he asked.

And thousands and thousands of Italians had the choice given them and hardly one went back." He sat silent, his meditative fingertips laid together, his eyes fixed on the past which was the now only thing clearly visible to them. "And the women?" I said. "Were they as brave as the men?" I had not spoken quite at random.

Even Annixter could not help noticing that her feet were narrow and slender, and that the little steel buckles of her low shoes were polished bright, and that her fingertips and nails were of a fine rosy pink.

Then her hand went slowly out to him, a cold hand that barely touched his with its fingertips and then dropped away. But what Terry felt was that it was the same glance she had turned to him when she stood leaning against the post earlier that evening. There was a pity in it, and a sort of despair which he could not understand.

That left the King of Durendal to Paul; for a start, he dropped a compliment on the cloth-of-silver leotard. King Ranulf laughed dulcetly, brushed the garment with his fingertips, and said that it was just a simple thing patterned after the Durendalian peasant costume. "You have peasants on Durendal?" "Oh, dear, yes! Such quaint, charming people.