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Fragments of manuscripts had been stolen, amongst others one dated July, 1848, and directed against the military dictatorship of Cavaignac, and in which there were verses written respecting the Censorship, the councils of war, and the suppression of the newspapers, and in particular respecting the imprisonment of a great journalist Emile de Girardin:

This was the land he had loved, the land he had belonged to. "I should like to hear the 'Pastorale' now," she said, presently. "But Sebastiano " A new thought seemed to strike her. "I wonder how some women can bear their sorrows," she said. "Don't you, Emile?" "What sorrows do you mean?" he asked. "Such a sorrow as poor Lucrezia has to bear. Maurice always loved me.

The consciousness of any sensation is a proposition, a judgment. As soon, therefore, as we compare one sensation with another, we reason. The art of judging and the art of reasoning are precisely the same. If, from the lesson of this stick, Émile does not understand the idea of refraction, he will never understand it at all.

"Cher Monsieur Vane," said the Vicomte, smiling complacently, "your father did me great honour in classing me with Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Emile de Girardin, and the other stars of the Orleanist galaxy, including our friend here, M. Savarin. A very superior man was your father."

She was thinking of her statement that there was nothing in her child that was hidden from her. As if in answer to that statement, Vere was unconsciously showing to her day by day the folly of it. Emile had said nothing. Hermione remembered that, and realized that his silence had been caused by his disagreement. But why had he not told her she was mistaken?

The man who came for Le Grande had a strange, mean-looking face; but we must hasten." Leah, so long accustomed to sorrow, evinced no unusual emotion at these apprehensive words of Mr. Gardner; but calmly asked: "Do you suppose any harm has come to my husband?" "I cannot say, madam; I trust not." "What motive could that man have had for deceiving Emile?"

In his case it is first and foremost an accurate knowledge of every undertaking. He never goes into a project without first knowing all about it a helpful rule, by the way, that the average person may well observe in the employment of his money. If Jadot is a live wire, then his confrere, Emile Francqui, is a whole battery.

Still Ike was almost too much for him, for Karlek remembered seeing him sorting out the fish as he landed them, and the big ones, somehow or other, all found their way into Ike's yaffles. Ike also discovered that it was good economy constantly to change the location of such things as the tobacco box, butter tub, and molasses jar, for it often meant that the good-natured Emile went without.

Emile was greatly touched by all this and he watched her without speaking. O man, love thy helpmeet. God gave her to relieve thy sufferings, to comfort thee in thy troubles. This is she! The new-born baby was baptised.

The more she tries to control herself the worse she feels; at last a tear escapes in spite of all she can do to prevent it. Emile, seeing this tear, rushes towards her, falls on his knees, takes her hand and kisses it again and again with the greatest devotion.