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"Ugh! better come!" he muttered, a veiled savage threat growling in his tone. "You my squaw; cook in my lodge; get meal now." "But where? and how?" she asked, her voice trembling perceptibly, yet striving to placate him by a seeming willingness to obey. "I have nothing here to cook, nor have I fire." "Indian squaw no talk back!" he retorted angrily. "This way I show white squaw to mind chief!"

The latter acknowledged his sense and approbation of what was said to him by an assentient and expressive "Ugh!" which came from his chest without any apparent emotion of the lips, much in the manner of a modern ventriloquist. He then hastened, with rapid and lengthened boundings, across the common towards his band.

I was wide-awake with the sun glaring on the canvas, and a great fly banging against it, knocking and butting its head and wings, when all the time there was the wide opening through which it had come ready for it to fly out. "Ugh!

'Allow me to know to what these remarks may refer? Pyetushkov was beginning.... 'I'll have no arguing! I dislike that beyond everything. I've said: I dislike it; and that's all about it! Ugh why, your hooks are not in good form even; what a disgrace! He sits, day in and day out, at the baker's shop; and he a gentleman born! There's a petticoat to be found there and so there he sits.

Ugh! but I shan't. I leave such jobs to the doctors, whose ears are familiar with shrieks, and whose appetites are not disturbed by the sight of blood." "So the Levite left the wounded man by the wayside, in disgust at his bruises: but still the good Samaritan who helped him hadn't a doctor's degree." "Oh, I know. You have me, I acknowledge.

Only a fencing master? Ugh! He was hardly worth bothering about. He wondered whether the business were profitable and if all fencing masters dressed like millionaires and had such polished manners. Helen explained: "Signor Keralio is a friend of my husband. Kenneth enjoys fencing, and Signor Keralio is his teacher." "Oh, yes, to be sure," smiled Mr. Parker. "Capital idea splendid exercise.

As it was, I had left my sword with Jennifer because the captured trooper whose understudy I was had left his sword in camp, I tried to parley with the sentry. He knew no word of English, nor I of Cherokee; but that deadlock was speedily broken. A guttural call summoned others of the horse-keepers, and among them one who spoke a little English. "Ugh! What for take white squaw horse?" he demanded.

"Wa'al, miss, I don't lay no special claims to virtue," he protested. "But if you don't sell tinny crabs ugh, how funny that sounds then you must be honest!" Amy insisted. "I'm so glad to know you. Tell me, is there any pirate's treasure buried around here?" Old Tin-Back looked at her, startled. Then he edged away slightly.

I have been a villain; but such villany as yours ugh and so saying, he flung his enemy from him, and Undy, tottering back, saved himself against the wall.

The stars had paled out by this time, and the dawn was coming up like a grey vapour from the sea. "Ugh! the air feels late; I must be going in," said Kate. "Only a bit of a draught from the mountains it's not morning yet," said Pete. A bird called from out of the mist somewhat far away. "It is, though. That's the throstle up the glen," said Kate. Another bird answered from the eaves of the house.