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We have some nice trips lined up this summer day trips, and a canoe trip: Marsh, Myth, and Earth Mother." "Sounds buggy," he said. "Oh, Oliver! Tents, silly. No-see-um netting." "The cry of the loon across the night," Oliver interrupted. "Right," she said. "Drumming for Gaia is a popular trip. Sometimes I go along quality control, you know." "Inspector Jennifer," Oliver said.

Jennifer heard him through, had him set it all out again in plainest fashion, and after all could only say: "You are sure you have the straight of it, Eph?" The borderer appealed to Uncanoola. "Come, Chief; give us the wo'th of your jedgment. Has the old Gray Wolf gone stun-blind? or did he read them sign like they'd ort to be read?"

"Was that a proposal?" She smiled appealingly. "Sure you don't mean church and all that?" "No, Silly." Oliver was relieved. "City Hall," Jennifer said. "We'll have a nice dinner afterwards. Do something for us." "F. Parker Reidy's," Oliver said. "Eat teriyaki and watch shoppers on the snowy street." "Wherever you like, Dear.

"We want to wish you the very best of luck," Jennifer said. "Weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all that's how the song goes. But, thank you." He stood, pulled a baseball cap down on his forehead, and touched the brim in salute. "I'll be getting along." He walked out. "B.B. King," Oliver said. "Didn't he sing that?" "Never mind, Oliver; we're bringing the good luck with us."

You'd think that they would be a little screwy First Fundamentalists and all that, but they aren't. They're cheerful, mostly. Practical. The women can't wear jewelry." "Keeps them in their place," Jennifer said. "Wedding rings are about it," Oliver said. Jennifer cleared her throat loudly. "Oh, yeah . . ." Oliver said. "We should do something about that once you get your divorce."

"It was smoky in there." "We should have left a little sooner, I guess," Oliver said. "How's Junior?" "No complaints." "That was our coming-out party," Oliver said. "Yep we're an item now," Jennifer said, patting him on the knee. The next day, Jennifer came home with a booklet on how to get a Maine divorce. "Great news," she said, "two or three months and it's over. I called Rupert.

"There's some as 'ud tell you it was the surprise of old Lemuel's life to find himself a parent," he added, eyeing Tom slyly as he spoke, his mouth remaining open as in preparation for coming laughter. For those same scandalous little fishes were well into the frying-pan, now sizzling, frizzling. And this was a vastly agreeable moment to William Jennifer, worth waiting for, worth scheming for.

"Up with you and out of this!" cried Jennifer, setting me the example. "We must e'en gallop as we can. Quick, man!" But in the gathering and the retreat our old sharpshooter under his holly bush had been left behind; and now we heard him again, chanting his terrible imprecations on the enemy. Dick saw the meaning in my look, and together we pounced to drag the old man out of hiding.

And as she drew away from me, she seemed to draw the closer to Richard Jennifer, nursing him alive when he was at his worst, and giving him all the womanly care and sympathy a sick man longs for. And later, when he was fit to ride again, she had him always at her side in the onward faring. As I have said before, this was all as I would have it.

I saw no more; but some heart-bursting minutes later, when Jennifer came racing on behind to share the flight his heroic stand had made a possibility, the swelling sob choked me once again; and when I thought of what this his rescue of me meant to him, I could have blubbered like a boy. But there was little time or space to give remorse an inning.

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