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He swung the wrench well around in order to release compressed air with a rush and great force into the water tanks. Then he stood there, waiting. There was no perceptible motion or other change that the boys could note about the boat. "Wha what makes it act so slowly?" asked Eph Somers, in a queer voice. "Or isn't it going to act?"

Nay, life, strength, and furniture will, as it were, natively flow out of Christ unto believers, except they, through unbelief, and other distempers, cause obstructions; as life and sap doth natively and kindly flow from the root to the branches, or from the head to the members, unless obstructions stop the passage. Col. ii. 19. Eph. iv. 16.

Had a shack when I saw him. Callate he wouldn't have lived two months if the war hadn't bust up and I hadn't come along." "Oh, Cousin Eph!" exclaimed Cynthia. The old soldier turned and saw that there were tears in her eyes. But, stranger than that, Cynthia saw that there were tears in his own.

Somers got pretty badly used up. His scalp was cut some considerable. He was taken into a house nearby, and a doctor called in to stitch him up. Somers sent us to find his messmates. We found your friend, Hastings, and took him around there. Hastings wanted us to find you, and bring you there, messmate." "Poor old Eph!" muttered Jack. "Tough luck, and at a bad time for us."

There was no pressure on the reel, and Miltiades was swallowing the line in big gulps, evidently determined to have not only the white grub, but all that went with it. Fisherman Jones's cry of dismay was almost as bitter as that of the heaven-born inventor, who still writhed in his own trap. "Oh, Eph! Eph!" he whimpered, "he's eating up my tackle! He's eating up my tackle!"

He was in error, though. It was he himself who "went." As he reached out with his right hand to seize Kamanako something happened. Exactly what it was the young submarine captain never quite knew. But he found himself sprawling under the seat at the opposite side of the cabin. "Hi, yi! Wow!" exploded Eph, darting down the stairs. "Save some of that for me!" It was ready and waiting.

"I don't suppose the Navy Department will try to spring less than a day's pay on us," hinted Eph. "If that's right, then the government now owes me three hundred and sixty-five into seventeen hundred. Let me see " "Oh, cut it!" laughed Hal. "What? My pay?" demanded Eph, "Not much, sir! I want the only money I ever really earned." "One of us ought to drop Mr. Farnum a line," hinted Jack, presently.

"May I, as a great favor, go below and tell him he may stay?" asked Jack, eagerly. "Why, you seem to take a personal interest in young Somers," laughed the yard's owner. "I do. And he was useful in your interests this morning, Mr. Farnum." "Run along and tell him, then," nodded the yard's owner. When Eph heard the news he stopped work long enough to dance an exultant jig on the cabin floor.

"But Eph, such a boy as Eph, only nineteen, only two years older than I! What harm could he do now, more than he has ever done, by coming to his uncle's house as a visitor?" still persisted Sibyl, rather foolishly. "What harm!" exclaimed Mr. Merridew, impatiently. "What a child you are, Sibyl! Why, his coming here would compromise me fatally with the royal government.

Such language perfectly describes the rapid increase in the Christian church on Pentecost and shortly afterward, when thousands were added in one day. According to the apostle Paul, the host of Jews and Gentiles reconciled unto God through Jesus Christ constituted "one new man" in Christ. Eph. 2:15. See also Gal. 3:28. R.V. This man-child was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.

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