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She asked Nelly, who could walk much better than she, to go and see. Nelly went behind the bushes, and sure enough she saw Little Yi a long way off, running away as hard as she could towards two men, one of whom Nelly to her great surprise and joy recognised as Chang. The other she thought must be Chi Fu.

A yellow square opened in the cabin's side, and a figure stood outlined against the shining background. Ward laughed happily. "Coma ti yi youpy, youpy-a, youpy-a," he sang uproariously. Billy Louise turned her head toward the interior of the cabin and then left the light and merged into the darkness without.

"Something terrible though, I am sure." By this time the entire group were circling the house, and their wild shrill cadent song rose high and loud: "Ki yi yi um Ah! Ah! Ah! The single dancer tore his hair again and again, and repeated his mad gesticulations. Only one figure stood back impassive not singing and not taking any part in the weird demonstration.

Here the brute suddenly stopped and whined, and commenced to wildly caper. 'Th' dog's goin' mad, said Amos. 'It's noan as mad as thee, owd lad, replied Moses. 'I'll lay ought we'n noan so far fro' th' chilt. 'It is always wise to stop when a dog stops, assented the minister. 'Yi; yo' connot stand agen instink, said Malachi.

'All but that eighteen month thaa were away i' Yorksur, when th' cotton panic were on, thaa knows, lad. 'Yi, lass, aw know. Naa let me ged on wi' mi tale. Well, as aw were sayin', Mr. Penrose, I come in these parts as cut-looker at th' Brig Factory, and th' fust lass as brought her piece to me were Betty yonder. 'Thaa'rt wrang agen, Malachi.

It would bind us four closer together after we escaped; and, besides, I have never found kidnapping to pay too much risk. Anyway, they drove us nothing less than twenty miles and bundled us into an old deserted house. The leader told us, with a whole lot of unnecessary embroidery, that we were to stay there until we pledged to Chi Yi if we rotted in our shoes.

The words came gustily from the creek down the slope: "No chaps, no slicker, and a-pourin' down rain, And I swear by the Lord I'll never night-herd again, Coma ti yi youpy, youpy-a, youpy-a, Coma ti yi youpy, youpy-a! "Feet in the stirrups and seat in the saddle, I hung and rattled with them long-horn cattle, Coma ti yi " "Do shut the door, Billy Louise! What you want to stand there like that for?

'No foreigners shall meddle with my food, she said; whereat Nelly was very glad, for she had only offered to go and help on An Ching's account. So Ku Nai-nai hustled off An Ching and Little Yi, at the same time telling Nelly to stay where she was. Nelly, left to herself, drew the bench upon which she had been sitting quite near the wall, so as to be in the shade.

Something about 'prances, O! on her horse, you know, or you're a hem'd fool if you don't. I never could sing; wish I could! It's the joy of life! It's utterance! Hey for harmony!" "Eh! brayvo! now you're a man, Steeve! and welcomer and welcomest; yi yi, O!" jolly Butcher Billing sang out sharp. "Life wants watering.

An Ching and the two children used to go through the round gateway into the inner court, and while Nelly sang the words very distinctly, An Ching and Little Yi hummed the tune. 'Art thou weary' was their favourite hymn. It began to be very hot about the middle of May. The Ku family had put their wadded clothes away and taken to cottons and thin silks.