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"Chinaman one piecee catchee Yang-kei-tze, mi takee Pekin." "And what will be done with us there?" The old scoundrel answered this question in the same mode as before; his action being if possible even more expressive.

The woman who lies here was so remarkably stingy, that during her life she would get up in the night and mew, that her neighbors might think she kept a cat. What a miser she was! Here rests a young lady, of a good family, who would always make her voice heard in society, and when she sang "Mi manca la voce," it was the only true thing she ever said in her life.

Were the frightened mustangs fleeter of foot than those maddened brutes? And if they were the Casa! "I think," said Roldan, "that we had better get down on the other side. This wall may go down any minute; and the cattle are all looking in one direction." "You are right," said Rafael. "This way Ay de mi!"

"Straight killin's too good for him. I want to smash him first." "Tharon, mi Corazon," said Anita, stopping soft-foot beside her, "it is bad for one to talk so, to himself. The Evil One works on the mind that way." Tharon laughed. "Perhaps, Anita," she said shortly, "it is with the Evil One I have t' do, an' no mistake."

I'll pull up the gold and count it again; I may have missed something just now.... Hark! a step! I knew it; he is upon me! I am beset with enemies. The world conspires against me. Where is my dagger? Only let me catch ... I'll put the gold back. Cock. There: now you have seen Simon at home. Let us go on to another house, while there is still some of the night left. Mi. The worm! what a life!

It is at my lips, if your ears care to hear it." "Quevedo, again! No, it is not proper, Senor. Every day has its duties and its favors, Senor. That man actually said that fasting on Friday was not a special means of grace! Quevedo was almost a heretic. I have heard Fray Ignatius say so. He did not approve of him." "Mi madre, let us hear what is to be said.

'Le belle braccia al collo indi mi getta, E dolcemente stringe, a baccia in bocca: Tu puoi pensar se allora la saetta Dirizza Amor, se in mezzo al cor mi tocca. She wanted some explanations on the expression 'baccia in bocca', and on the love which made Ricciardetto's arrow so stiff, and I, only too ready to comment on the text, made her touch an arrow as stiff as Ricciardetto's.

"Yes, Jose," said I; "if I ever come to Granada again, I shall take no other guide than Jose Garcia; and I will have you for a longer journey than this. We shall go over all Spain together, mi amigo!" "May God grant it!" responded Jose, crossing himself; "and now, Senor, I must go.

"Or are you man enough to show yourself to come forward and listen to me. Don't be afraid. I can't hurt you. I have no weapon worse than my fists." As the young chief engineer spoke in Spanish, Nicolas understood. "Don't! Don't, mi caballero," implored the Mexican servant "Don't let him know that you are unarmed.

"Listen," Jethro said with sudden lowering of the voice, and imparting into his tones an emotion which was in part an actor's gift, but also in large degree a passion now eating at his heart, "you are my wife by all the laws of our people. Nothing can change it. I have waited for you, and I will wait, but you shall be mine in the end. You see to-night 'Mi Duvel', you see that fate is with me!

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