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There was something cooking in a pot on the stove, and a small room opened out of the kitchen, with a bed in it, which looked as if it were going to be made, as Ewbert handsomely maintained. There was an old dog stretched on the hearth behind the stove, who whimpered with rheumatic apprehension when his master went to put the lamp on the mantel above him.

"Just so," muttered Sophia, in bewilderment. "It's the gun." "Burglars!" exclaimed Sophia, in alarm. "I am afraid so. What shall we do?" "Run away," suggested Sophia. "No, we must not leave the boy to be murdered." "Perhaps he has shot them?" said Sophia, with a gleam of hope. "At any rate, it is our duty to go and see what has happened." "I'm afraid," whimpered Sophia, covering up her head.

She was becoming unmanageable, too, and O'Neil thought with pity of that little iron-hearted skipper on the bridge who was fighting her so furiously. There was little confusion, little talking upon the upper deck now; only a child whimpered or a woman sobbed hysterically. But down forward among the steerage passengers the case was different.

And Constance Bailey saw in the eyes, so like Morris's, fixed upon her face, a world of misery which she had surely though innocently wrought. Dr. Ingraham was summoned and bent to Miss Bailey's will. A few moments later Morris's languid gaze embraced his mother, his teacher, and his doctor. The latter found Mrs. Mogilewsky's woe impervious to any soothing. "Chawed off of a horse!" she whimpered.

'Illustrious signore, I am afraid of breaking it, he almost whimpered; 'it seems alive, does it not? 'Like a hawk on a small bird, said Angelo; 'that's the beauty of those blades. They kill, and put you to as little pain as a shot; and it 's better than a shot in your breast there's something to show for it. Send up your wife or your daughter to take orders about my breakfast.

And then you will come out and down we'll go. It will really be a great favor if you will it's a big house, my house and I'm ra-ther lonely " It wasn't until they were outside in the shadowy, rain-sweet street that Dulcie realized she had been coaxed that far. She drew back. "I've no hat," she whimpered, "It's no use I don't want to go "

"O aunty, you're too good, always!" whimpered Isabel; and neither of the women took note of Basil, who said, "Yes, it 's probably the only thing that preserved our lives." The little tinge of discontent, which had colored their sentiment of return faded now in the kindly light of home.

"I am sure, papa," Miss Granger whimpered by-and-by, not quite able to refrain from some expression of ill-temper, "I have scarcely had a pleasant evening since you have known the Lovels. You are always there, and it is very dull to be alone every night." "It has been your own fault in some measure, Sophy. You might have had Clarissa here, if you'd chosen to cultivate her friendship."

At such times he whimpered and snarled in his sleep, and they that looked on said that his dreams were bad. But there was one particular nightmare from which he suffered the clanking, clanging monsters of electric cars that were to him colossal screaming lynxes. He would lie in a screen of bushes, watching for a squirrel to venture far enough out on the ground from its tree-refuge.

And then a great, round, leaden-looking, and not at all transparent tear, came rolling out of each eye, and he said, as he shook his head: 'If they'd only had the goodness to murder me, I'd have thanked 'em kindly. 'No, no, no, don't say that, Johnny, whimpered his little friend. 'It's very, very bad, but not quite so bad as that. No, no!