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"Only for a very few minutes, I understand. How can you have formed a definite opinion?" "I did not say I had. But one or two things struck me." Doctor Hartley stared with his handsome, round eyes. "For instance, the patient's sallow colour, the patient's rheumatic pains, the patient's breath, and did you happen to observe it? But no doubt you did! the patient's dropped wrist."

And as he heard Polly tip-toe in, he got up stiffly and held out his paw. "Darling old fellow," Polly said, dropping to her knees beside him, and patting his silky head. Sandy licked her hand affectionately and made as great a fuss about her, as his rheumatic old joints would permit.

I must send her one, out of pure love and respect to her mistress. Who knows but medicine may weaken nature, and strengthen the disease? As her malady is not a fever, very likely it may do so. But perhaps the wench's hopes are too forward. Blustering weather in this month yet. And that is bad for rheumatic complaints.

That was why Bernard offered him the agency he was delighted to lend a helping hand to one of his old brother officers." "Wounded?" "Yes, he had his right arm smashed by a revolver bullet. Then rheumatic fever set in, and the trouble went to the heart, and he was very ill for a long time. I don't suppose he ever has been so strong as he was before.

We gave her thirty drops of laudanum, and after administering eye-water, rubbing the rheumatic patients with volatile liniment, and giving cathartics to others, they all thought themselves much relieved and returned highly satisfied to the village.

Obviously he was gratified by these attentions, usually recommending a liqueur; and I fancy he must have understood my sufferings, for he often looked ill himself. Probably he was rheumatic, but I cannot say for certain, as I never thought of asking, and he had the sense to see that the knowledge would be offensive to me.

That Uncle Michael, the janitor, was getting old and had rheumatic twinges was indeed Uncle Michael's excuse, but Emmy Lou did not know this, and her fear of Uncle Michael was great accordingly. I am as old as my cat. And how old is your cat? My cat is as old as my dog. And how old is your dog? My dog is as old as I am.

During his long, rheumatic fever of the winter before, she had been a most devoted friend, dropping in to see him at all sorts of odd hours, to amuse him with her merry nonsense, and had greatly disgusted the girls by frankly announcing her preference for his society over their own.

Her husband had been extravagant; and at his death, about two years before, had left his affairs dreadfully involved. She had had difficulties of every sort to contend with, and in addition to these distresses had been afflicted with a severe rheumatic fever, which, finally settling in her legs, had made her for the present a cripple.

The first is, that out of this swarm of different conditions there can be isolated one large and important central group which has the characters of a well-defined and constant disease-entity. This is the disease known popularly as rheumatic fever, and technically as acute rheumatism or acute articular rheumatism.

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