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"Yea, truly; and the like said the heathen Jews, `Wher we seyen not wel that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a deuel? But I find not that their saying the same made it ever the truer. "My daughter," said the Abbot, with even more than his usual gentleness, "I misdoubt greatly that you be obstinate in your error. And if this be so, we shall have necessity of deeds the which we should sore lament.

"He can be taken to the orphanage of the 'Good Samaritan' if they bring him here, and you can enquire for him there." She then made so bold as to ask if she could see a priest; but for this she was directed to go to the church, as all those who were immediately attached to the Bishop were to-day fully occupied, and had no time for trifles.

Man, ye chose it weel, for he's been colleckin' sae mony thae forty years, a'm feared for him. "A've often thocht oor doctor's little better than the Gude Samaritan, an' the Pharisees didna think muckle o' his chance aither in this warld or that which is tae come."

"I was sure I was caught, when I saw de boat," said he, as he raised himself to a sitting posture, and gazed with astonishment at those who had so singularly proved to be friends, instead of foes. "Are there any men on your track?" asked Dan, who could not lose sight of the peril he had incurred by this Samaritan act. "I speck dar is," replied he. "I hear dem off eber so far, but I don't see dem."

Virginia winced; but for some reason which she could not understand she found it quite impossible to decline the invitation. "I'm sure you are very kind, Mrs. Maxwell; but I'm afraid I shall inconvenience you." "Oh no, not a bit. Now will you be a real good Samaritan and help me a little, as I have no maid? You might set the table if you don't mind, and when Donald comes we shall be ready for him.

He drew near in a low gray racing-car at the rate of forty miles an hour, and within a hundred feet of Jimmie suddenly stopped and backed toward him. The good Samaritan was a young man with white hair. He wore a suit of blue, a golf cap; the hands that held the wheel were disguised in large yellow gloves.

In the case of the good Samaritan, the impulse went from the brain or the spinal nerve to the arms and he stooped down and picked the poor fellow up and carried him off; while in the priest and the Levite the impulses all went down into the legs and the cowards hustled off for Jericho. A healthy nervous system is the rarest thing in this wide world.

"A moment ago I heard some one murmur: 'And what about the social action? The social action, my friends, is certainly salutary, as a work of justice, of fraternisation; but like the Socialists, some Catholics put upon it the seal of their own religious and political opinions, and refuse to admit well-intentioned men, if they do not accept that seal; they repulse the good Samaritan, and this is an abomination in the eyes of God.

As to the General, he observed, with his usual benevolence, that being one of the company, he wouldn't interfere in the transaction on any account; so he appropriated the rocking-chair to himself, and looked at the prospect, like a good Samaritan waiting for a traveller. 'Heyday! cried Martin, as his eye rested on a great plan which occupied one whole side of the office.

"Does your ladyship mean the committee meeting of the Samaritan Convalescent Home? The members, as I understand it, are to decide to-day which of the plans for the new building they are to adopt. I cannot surely presume to vote in your place?" "You can vote, my dear child, just as well as I can," replied the old lady. "Architecture is one of the lost arts.

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