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Back in a detached laundry, a sympathetic maid was ironing various soft white garments, and singing as she worked. Sidney sat in a rocking-chair in a hot bedroom. She was carefully swathed in a sheet from neck to toes, except for her arms, and she was being as philosophic as possible. After all, it was a good chance to think things over. She had very little time to think, generally.

Once inside, she advanced straight upon the sacred precincts of the best parlor, and seated herself in the chilly, best rocking-chair with the air of one who usurps a throne, asking with her manner of sweet authority if the blinds could not be opened and the sun let in, as it felt damp to her, and she was very susceptible to dampness.

Then Lenore, opening her eyes, saw the gate, the trim little orchard with its scant shade, the gray old weatherbeaten house which she remembered so well. The big porch looked inviting, as it was shady and held an old rocking-chair and a bench with blue cushions. A door stood wide open. No one appeared to be on the premises. "Nash, blow your horn an' then hunt around for somebody," said Anderson.

To her the case was analogous to releasing a child from the duress of a corner and turning him loose to play with matches. "How kem they to let him out?" she repeated, the still rocking-chair conveying the impersonal dignity of the pulpit or the justice-seat. "I ’ain’t hearn tell of so pearty a couple as the jail an’ Jim in years."

That is the reason I have seldom watched for him these last weeks. I must have known that it was no use!" She rose from her rocking-chair and moved feebly towards her bedroom. "Can you spare me the rest of the day, Ivory?" she faltered, as she leaned on her son and made her slow progress from the kitchen.

More than that, I was disappointed, and it was with an unfeigned weariness and impatience that I threw myself into the low, basket rocking-chair under a canopy covered with ivy to which Mr. Haliburton conducted me. I was glad to see him go from me, though it was but for a moment; I would have time to reason with myself before he came back with the ices.

"From sackcloth couch the Monk arose, With toil his stiffen'd limbs he rear'd; A hundred years had flung their snows On his thin locks and floating beard." But the lady scarcely noticed the little incident. After one glance at the 'banished man, who stood tremulously leaning on his stick, she turned to me. "This is not an American rocking-chair, by any means!

It happened twenty years ago, but I can see her sitting in a rocking-chair on the piazza of Leidig's Hotel in Raymond, surrounded by miners, all courteously editing their conversation and chewing tobacco as placidly as a herd of cows, while Grandmother, the only person whose feet were not elevated to the railing, rocked gently and smiled.

"Lor, Jehoshaphat," said she, "I didn't expect you so soon," and she looked inquiringly at his companion. "A young friend who is going to stay with us till Monday," explained the pedler. "His name is Paul Prescott." "I'm glad to see you, Paul," said Mrs. Stubbs with a friendly smile. "You must be tired if you've been traveling far. Take a seat. Here's a rocking-chair for you."

To make sure of Letty and her secret, partly also in pure delight of mischief, and enjoyment of the power to tease, she stole down stairs, and locked the kitchen door the bolt of which, for reasons of her own, she kept well oiled; then sat down in an old rocking-chair, and waited I can not say watched, for she fell fast asleep.

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