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It was plain that the mischievous Indian girl had wished to tease the little white girl, but had relented at the sight of her tears. "Oh," exclaimed Anne, "I'm so glad!" and she began to unfasten the bundle, spreading out the blue cape and muslin dress, and laying "Martha Stoddard" down on the deerskins.

Gold is the love of your heart, and women don't count much. "I didn't say anything. That was no time to tell her about Sarah here. But Vahna seemed to shake off her depressed feelings, and began to laugh and tease again. 'How do you like it? she asked. 'Like what? 'The nugget you're sitting on. "I jumped up as though it was a red-hot stove. And all it was was a rock. I felt nay heart sink.

This I know will tease her; for, to tell you the truth, I think her more in love with the memory of that dead hero than she is likely to be with any living one, unless he shall tread a similar path. But English squires of our day keep their oak-trees to shelter their deer parks, or repair the losses of an evening at White's, and neither invoke them to wreathe their brows nor shelter their graves.

But it is very kind of you to be so concerned for Phillis." "Oh, papa, don't!" she said, turning away her face. "Please don't tease me so. You know I don't care for Phillis or John; but that isn't all." And then she repeated what had passed between Annie and herself. He looked a good deal provoked as she went on with her story; then very grave indeed.

Wolfe quickened his pace, and soon overtook him. "You must forgive me, my good man," said he, soothingly; "I meant not to impeach your honesty or your calling. Perhaps I was hasty and peevish; and, in sad earnest, I have much to tease and distract me." "Well, sir, well," answered Mr.

Dolores, though hitherto ungracious, missed her attentions, and decided that they were 'all falseness. Wilfred absolutely did tease and annoy her whenever he could, Fergus imitated him, and Valetta enjoyed and abetted him.

Sleeves'll be small then you see if they aren't I shall be wearing big ones. I want to wear big ones now, when other girls do. Please, mother!" "Mellicent, why will you tease me like this, when you know it will do no good? when you know I can't let you do it? Don't you think I want you to be as well-dressed as anybody, if we could afford it? Come, I'm waiting.

"For shame, Robert," cried his mother, hearing something like a sob; "how can you tease her so!" "Mother, must I have three governesses?" asked poor little Barbara. "Not one cross one, my sweet, if I can help it!" "Oh! mother, if it might be Miss Ogilvie?" said Babie. "Yes, mother, do let it be Miss Ogilvie," chimed in Armine. "She tells such jolly stories!"

He could not say anything but my name 'Mary Abby Mary Abby over and over again; and, once, 'mother. I was christened 'Mary Abigail, but I never liked the middle name, so I dropped it; and he used to tease me sometimes by calling me 'Abby. And from his saying 'mother, I know that he, too, wherever he may be, has had that dream of of our child."

She was terribly broken up." "How did she show it?" "She didn't show it. Either you want to tease, or you've forgotten how such things are with young people or at least girls." "Yes, it's all a long time ago with me, and I never was a girl. Besides, the frank and direct behavior of Kenby and Mrs. Adding has been very obliterating to my early impressions of love-making."