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It is the custom of the country to keep a love affair a secret as long as possible; if it is discovered and talked about by outside gossips, half its delight and charm is gone; indeed it is considered indelicate to show any signs of love-making in public.

All the same, she wondered that he should desire to marry an iceberg, and Donna Inez, with her silent tongue and cold smiles, was little else. However, as Frank Random was the chief party concerned in the love-making for Donna Inez was merely passive there was no more to be said. Sometimes Hope came to dine at the Pyramids, and on these occasions Mrs.

They were not given to tournays nor to the delights of the chase and table, but were fond of brilliant festivities, dancing, gambling, masquerading, love-making, and pompous exhibitions of equipage, furniture, and dress. These diversions together with the baiting of bulls and the burning of Protestants made up their simple round of pleasures.

"Yes but what has that to do with it?" She looked up, but turned her head away quickly. What did he mean? Surely Phares was not given to foolishness or love-making to her! She was glad that he suggested moving to the edge of the crowd after his successful bidding was completed.

They sing long ballads to popular melodies, some of which are very pretty and gay, and for a baiocco they sell a sheet containing the printed words of the song. Sometimes it is in the form of a dialogue, either a love-making, a quarrel, a reconciliation, or a leave-taking, each singer taking an alternate verse.

But at last there came a change a change which to Clara was as great as that which had affected her when she first found that her delightful cousin was not sale against love-making.

In fact, the clergy, when off duty, are no safer guides of attractive young women than other mortal men; and Lillie had so often seen their spiritual attentions degenerate into downright, temporal love-making, that she held them in as small reverence as the rest of their sex.

Meanwhile make yourself easy, dear Richard shall be well looked after, and I won't bother you with any more love-making. That can wait." Rachel rose from her seat and pointed with the spear to the door in the wall. "Go," she said. "All right, I am going, Rachel. Good-bye till this time three days. I hope my women will make you as comfortable as possible in this rough place.

The love-making is passionate, the humor of much of the conversation is thoroughly delightful. The book is as refreshing a bit of fiction as one often finds; there is not a dull page in it. Providence Journal. It is bright, charming, and intense as it describes the wooing of a young American widow on the European Continent by a German musical genius. San Francisco Chronicle.

We're getting up a little play for Christmas Eve, and Jim's to be the hero; I'm the heroine. My word! it's as pretty a bit of love-making as you'd often see. I tell you what it is, Alison; I'll give you an invitation. You shall come and see it; you will now, won't you? I'll think you're devoured with jealousy if you don't. You will; say you will."

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