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The bulwark of Livingstone in one quarter is John Everard. I am wooing, in the hope of winning, my future father-in-law." "He's very dead," the Senator thought. "The art of wooing a father-in-law! what an art!" murmured Grahame. "The mother-in-law is easy. She wishes her daughter married. Papa doesn't. At least in this case, with a girl like Mona." "Has Everard anything against you?"

But Maurice held it firmly, and at the same moment the city pipers began to play again, and the music streamed forth in full, joyous tones. The wooing notes fell into her defiant soul like sparks on dry brushwood. She could not help dancing, though it should be her death.

His killing of Don Gomez in the manner described is extremely doubtful, and history affords no details as to the manner of his wooing or his wedding. But Ximena was his wife, shared in many of his hardships, and at his death, in 1099, ruled in his stead for three years at Valencia.

In some degree, at least, the painful character of that interview with Barbara, and its unsatisfactory result, had dulled his mind to the other trouble. In view of Barbara's seemingly final rejection of his wooing, he was not sure that he greatly cared what might become of his reputation, or his career.

And no one, who has had any touch at all with Him, doubts the tremendous pull upon one's heart of such a wooing appeal as that Calvary climax of witnessing made, and makes. And this, mark it keenly, is still the plan. "The-same-came-for-witness" is meant to be true of each follower of the Christ. This is to be the dominant underchording of all our lives.

Therefore, without any discussion, with only a word of farewell, he took his bow and quiver and his wooing pipe and set forth. As he approached the village of Japezaws at the end of several days' journey, he said to himself: "Before three days are past I shall return this way with my squaw. No longer will I wait for her to feign deafness to my piping.

Ze varning vas to him obviously, so you should not turn it upon me." Bunker opened his eyes. "A deuced ingenious argument," he commented. "It wouldn't have occurred to me if you hadn't explained. Then you claim the privilege of wooing whom you wish?" "Wooing! You forget zat I am married, Bonker." "Oh no, I remember perfectly." His tone disturbed the Baron.

"I have only to request that you assure each that he will be well rewarded for his services." This makes a rude break in our wooing; but I am narrating actual happenings.

With viewless, impalpable energy, the mighty breath of God swept across the ancient world and 'laid the lofty city' of paganism 'low; even to the ground, and brought it even to the dust. A breath passed over the whole civilised world, like the breath of the west wind upon the glaciers in the spring, melting the thick-ribbed ice, and wooing forth the flowers, and the world was made over again.

"You have only to command; and we do not know each other in the future." "I must certainly insist on that," she said maliciously. The "Exotic Prince" had, however, made a conquest of the charming daughter of a wealthy Austrian count, and had cut out an excellent young officer, who was wooing her. The latter, in his despair, began to make love to Frau von Chabert, and at last told her he loved her.

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