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In fact, the only thing which could render paganism truly a danger in Ireland, as opposed to the preaching of Christianity, was the body of men intrusted with the care of religion the Druids, the magi of the chronicles.

The kings of this age owed their best protection to the purer ethics which overflowed from Armagh and Bangor and Lismore; and if we find hereafter the regicide habits of former times partially revived, it will only be after the new Paganism the Paganism of interminable anti-Christian invasions had recovered the land, and extinguished the beacon lights of the three first Christian centuries.

Do not suppose, that in thus appealing to the ancients, I am throwing back the world two thousand years, and fettering Philosophy with the reasonings of paganism. While the world lasts, will Aristotle’s doctrine on these matters last, for he is the oracle of nature and of truth.

The living movement was towards a syncretism of religious ideas and practices, all of which came from the Eastern provinces and beyond them. This was the Paganism with which Christianity had to reckon, as well as with the official cult and its guardians.

Augustin had all he could do to maintain the Christian rule in such surroundings, where the Christians themselves were more or less tainted with paganism. But if this troop of sinners and backsliders was hard to drive, the devout were perhaps harder.

Every respectable form of Christian worship enjoys full liberty, and so does every respectable form of paganism and anti-Christianity. The Greek faith is the acknowledged religion of the government, and the priests, by virtue of their partly official character, naturally wield considerable power. Every effort is made to convert unbelievers, but no man is forced to accept the Greek faith.

Female friendship, however, must ever have adorned and cheered the world; it naturally springs from the depths of a woman's soul. However dark and dismal society may have been under the withering influences of Paganism, it is probable that glorious instances could be chronicled of the devotion of woman to man and of man to woman, which was not intensified by the passion of love.

They are no more than real insight into real phenomena, allegorised as time went on, elaborated by fancy, or idealised by imagination, but never losing their original character. Thus paganism, in its very nature, was expansive, self-developing, and, as Mr.

Let us teach our people not to love pleasure or to fear death, but to learn the true value of life, and to do their part to eliminate the paganism of caste from our holy religion and the lawlessness of savagery from our civilization." "How did you enjoy the evening, Marie?" asked Robert, as they walked homeward. "I was interested and deeply pleased," answered Marie.

But the only concession they could obtain was that they should not be obliged to destroy their goddess with their own hands. The ancient paganism, it will be seen, fell easily and without any tragedy. Mahomet did not long survive the national acceptance of his religion; he died on 8th June 632.