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In spite of a certain look of neglect, emphasized by the straggling branches of the untrimmed vines, and the cobwebs everywhere visible, its appearance was distinctly prepossessing. "Going to get these doors open any time to-day?" asked the stage-driver, apparently struggling for resignation. "The keys, Aunt Abigail!" Amy cried. "Bless you, child, I haven't any keys!" the old lady answered.

Greenford is a charming village set in the midst of beautiful mountains, and Johnsonville is a raw factory town in a plain. But they cannot live on picturesque scenery or old associations. The laws of economics are like all other laws of nature, inevitable in their action and irresistible in " Miss Abigail gave the grampus snort which had been her great-grandfather's war-cry. "Hoo!

Graves," said Miss Abigail Baker, placing the lighted lamp on the bureau. "And here's a pair of socks and some slippers. They belong to Elisha Cap'n Warren, that is but he's got more. Cold water and towels and soap are on the washstand over yonder; but I guess you've had enough cold water for one night. There's plenty hot in the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Reginald opened it, read it, and let it fall to the floor. Randolph opened it, read it, and let it fall to the floor. It contained a thick announcement card, with heavy gold edge, and the news that it carried was to the effect that on December the first Miss Priscilla Abigail Patience Brydon had been united in marriage to Rev. Alfred William Henry Curtis Moreland, Rector of St.

Little had been left to Nabal of barn or byre, if sweet-voiced and stately Abigail, wiser than her lord, had not herself brought a present in her hand, and with a gentle tongue soothed the angry warrior. In days to come, Abigail was to be wife to David, after the custom of the period, which attached a numerous harem to the entourage of a chieftain or a king.

I have conversed a good deal with old aunt Abigail on the subject, and she perfectly agrees with me. Her opinions, you can not, of course, treat with indifference?" "No, not my aunt's. But for all that, I do not think that either she or uncle Absalom is perfectly orthodox on all matters."

They carry me with him into an opposition to negro equality all this stuff of Horace Greeley, Emerson, and in which men like Seward and Sumner, and American writers and poets, big and little, share." "Oh, yes," said Abigail, "but after all you can say Douglas is just a politician. You do not need to grieve about him. He is tough enough to stand anything. He was put down by that mob.

Ruby was going away from her mother so soon that her conscience was more tender than usual, and she did not want to do what she knew her mother would not like. "Please tell me the other verses, Miss Abigail," she said. "I did not know you liked those other verses, or I would not have called them ugly." "I am glad you did not mean to be a rude child," said Miss Abigail, pleased by Ruby's apology.

He was living in retirement at Nashville. And to see this man! To see Douglas with him! Abigail laughed at me for my enthusiasm. But also I was to see Dorothy, and to make up my mind once for all rather, to get Dorothy to do so.

She stood before a long low window, looking out into the garden and the light, filtering through apple branches on her face showed her strongly featured and intelligent for fourteen. Advena was named after one grandmother; when the next girl came Mrs Murchison, to make an end of the matter, named it Abigail, after the other.

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