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This wholesale decapitation was startling, yet was, in fact, soundly conceived. In the situation, either the general, or those who had lost faith in the general, must go. Which it should be was conclusively settled by the length of the list of condemned. The President declined to ratify this, and Burnside's resignation inevitably followed.

"Your loss is a heavy one very heavy," said Oliver, with hesitation in his tone, for he felt some difficulty in attempting to comfort one in so hopeless a condition. "True, sur, true," replied the man in a tone of cheerful resignation that surprised the doctor, "but it might have been worse; `the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord!"

I had rather you were a coiner, like the Marquis de Coucy, or at the head of the Croquants, than do as you have done; you dishonor your family, and the memory of the marechal your father." Cinq-Mars, deeming himself wholly lost, put the best face he could upon the matter, and said with an air of resignation: "Well, then, Sire, send me to be judged and put to death; but spare me your reproaches."

It was uncalled-for and you know the sort of thing. My colleagues, he said, would have preferred to retain my services if I had yielded to the opinion of the parents. Under the circumstances there was no course open but to accept my resignation. They would not enter the vote upon the minutes; they would even write me a letter expressing regret at losing me, etc. So the matter ended.

Washburne's resignation as Secretary of State, General Schofield retired from the War Department, and was succeeded by General John A. Rawlins, who had been chief of staff to General Grant during some of his most important campaigns. General Rawlins was born in Galena, and was a personal friend of General Grant before the outbreak of the war.

"One can't do anything in the summer, and I should prefer your mother's superintendence. Still, I can't rid myself of the idea of a dinner. It appears to me that there ought to be a dinner." "Oh, pray don't feel that there's any necessity." "Well," said the elder, with easy resignation, "there's at least no hurry."

Finally, Bruce took his knee from his chest and got up. Smaltz pulled himself to his feet and stood uncertainly. "Well I suppose it's jail." There was sullen resignation in his voice. Bruce stopped the machinery without answering. Then he folded his arms and leaned his broad shoulders against the rough boards of the power-house while, eying Smaltz, he considered.

But when acute algesia is unaccompanied by any profounder phenomena they are undoubtedly able to bear it with a far greater show of resignation. The reason is not far to seek. In pain a man sees only an invasion of his liberty, strength and self-esteem. It floors him, masters him, and makes him ridiculous.

If he be a churl, she must submit with Christian resignation. The gossips at a noted watering-place where I once spent a summer, found infinite amusement in the ways of a married heiress, whose fortune was settled so securely upon herself by her father that her husband could not touch the bulk of it with, or without her consent.

"I believe, Monsieur," she said in French, "you sent a code message to the cable office this afternoon?" His eyes questioned hers quickly. "And please bear in mind that we probably are being watched as we talk," she went on pleasantly. "Mr. Grimm is the man to be afraid of. Smile don't look so serious!" She laughed outright. "Yes, I sent a code message," he replied. "It was your resignation?"

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