Schofield had indulged herself in absence from her family merely for her own pleasure, and, now that she was homeward bound, her conscience was asserting itself; the fact that she had enjoyed her visit began to take on the aspect of a crime. She had heard from her family only once during the three days the message "All well don't worry enjoy yourself" telegraphed by Mr.

This flank attack of Schofield on Cheatham would have no doubt cleared our front facing the Atlanta intrenchments, but Stewart was ready with his three Divisions and the Militia to hold them.

Meanwhile other important measures were enlisting the attention of Congress, and were proceeding, by the slow but steady steps of parliamentary progress, to their final consummation. Duty of Congress to legislate for the District of Columbia Suffrage Bill introduced into the House Speech by Mr. Wilson Mr. Boyer Mr. Schofield Mr. Kelley Mr. Rogers Mr. Farnsworth Mr. Davis Mr. Chanler Mr.

I immediately inquired of General Schofield, who was his classmate at West Point, about Hood, as to his general character, etc., and learned that he was bold even to rashness, and courageous in the extreme; I inferred that the change of commanders meant "fight."

"He's a mystery to ME!" said her husband. "And he refuses to explain why he objects to being called 'little gentleman. Says he'd do the same thing and worse if anybody dared to call him that again. He said if the President of the United States called him that he'd try to whip him. How long did you have him locked up in the closet?" "SH!" said Mrs. Schofield warningly.

"If I remember right, an' I was perfectly clear at the time, this is what one said: 'Fellers, sez 'e to the other two, 'e sez 'fellers, that young Captain Schofield in Freekirk Head is goin' on the rocks, or I don't hear what's goin' on in my office. "'Then they're goin' to sue him to recover part of his insurance on the old schooner May Schofield? asks the second.

General Schofield was also known to be en route from Nashville for North Carolina, with the entire Twenty-third Corps, so that I had every reason to be satisfied that I would receive additional strength as we progressed northward, and before I should need it. General W. J. Hardee commanded the Confederate forces in Charleston, with the Salkiehatchie River as his line of defense.

"General Rosecrans," said he, "has a great many friends; he fought the battle of Stone River and won a brilliant victory, and his advocates begin to grumble about his treatment. Now, I will tell you what I have been thinking about. If you will confirm Schofield in the Senate, I will remove him from the command in Missouri and send him down to Sherman. That will satisfy the radicals.

We plodded on till midnight, but had not yet reached Pumpkin Vine Creek, when we halted for a little rest, and to get further orders from Schofield, who had before nightfall gone on to communicate with Sherman. Word came that he was disabled by an accident when on his way back to us, and I was directed to lead the two divisions forward and report to Sherman.

In my field dispatch to General Schofield I said: "The possession of the end of the ridge, if we can hold it, I am now sure will prevent the enemy from extending his line along it, since it would be necessarily flanked and enfiladed by our positions. The only objection is the extension relatively to the strength of my command and the distance from supports.