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The father places his own self within the mother's womb and takes birth as the son, for continuing his practices, conduct, name and race. I have been begotten as a son by both my mother and my father. In consequence of his bringing up the son and instructing him, the sire is the son's foremost of superiors and the highest religion.

"Sire," she said gravely, "when horse and rider first came suddenly before my eyes, I thought that one of the saints had come to our help. It was the most welcome sight I have ever seen, and I shall ever love to look on a horse of that of those " "Patchwork colours," laughed the king. "Wilfrid, so long as you live you will no more be taken for a saint than shall I again. Make the most thereof.

"Sire, she is long dead." "Yes? That makes it safer, but I do not see that it is any reason for trusting the brother. Take him with you to Amboise if you think he is safe, but remember" and the King's lean hand was shaken suddenly upward almost in Commines' face, a threat as well as a warning "I hold you responsible, you, you, you only.

"But here is something he has not related to you, sire, for what follows passed between God, your father, and myself; and never has the revelation of it been made even to my dearest friends. 'Go a little further off, said the august patient to the executioner; 'it is but for an instant, and I know that I belong to you; but remember not to strike till I give the signal.

"Sire," he said, lifting up his hand and pointing at the ceiling, "I may truthfully say that the clouds of gold brocade adorning the ceiling of this room, and surrounding the propitious star of your majesty, have cost alone not less than twenty-five thousand francs. Napoleon smiled. "Very well," he said; "you believe the hearts of my subjects to be very prodigal.

She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that the youth replied, "I have heard thee and I will obey thee; what more?" And his sire continued, "Be thou, O my son, mindful of Allah, so shall He be mindful of thee. Ward thy wealth and waste it not; for an thou do, thou wilt come to want the least of mankind.

I think that, by holding the subjects of your majesty in pay, he trespasses upon the royal prerogative, and cannot, if this continues so, be long in placing your majesty among the weak and the obscure." "How would you qualify all these projects, M. Colbert?" "The projects of M. Fouquet, sire?" "Yes." "They are called crimes of lese majeste." "And what is done to criminals guilty of lese majeste?"

"Disobedient children often become great characters." Bertha ate sparingly, for her heart was as swollen as a sponge in water. At the first mouthful, the monk, who was a great scholar, felt in his stomach a pain, and on his palette a bitter taste of poison that caused him to suspect that the Sire de Bastarnay had given them all their quietus. Before he had made this discovery Bertha had eaten.

With a smile, which brought tears to Alexander's eyes, Josephine pointed to her breast, and whispered: "Sire, I have received the death-wound here!" Yes, she was right; she had received a fatal wound, and her heart was bleeding to death. Terrified by Josephine's condition, the emperor hurried to Paris, and sent his own physician to inquire after her condition.

Then said the Prince, "All is trouble when a man leaveth his nature to do things that are not fitting." And Philoctetes made answer, "Nay, is not this a fitting thing, seeing of what sire thou art the son, to help a brave man in his trouble?" "Can I endure to be so base," said the Prince, "hiding that which I should declare, and speaking the thing that is false?"