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Or from fear of seeing his experiments destroyed? He would reflect, think about it, be upon his guard. He had told Phillis that intelligent men, before engaging in an action, weigh the pro and con. Against Caffie's death he saw nothing. For, on the contrary, everything combined. If he had had Phillis's scruples, or Brigard's beliefs, he would have stopped.

Ole massa he 'pear rather sober like, when he find one ob his niggars killed, for he sot a heap on de young uns dat was comin' up, 'cause dey be big enough soon to be ob some 'count; but de trader hand ober fifty dollar bill, to make de accident good, and took de opportunity to get away, 'fore Phillis come to again; but dey not say any ting to me 'bout my loss, and 'pears like dey could not cober de great break in my heart, wid all de fifty dollar bills in Berginny.

Christine and Aunt Phillis, who had been left in charge of Miss Deane, had had a sore trial of patience in waiting upon her, humoring her whims, listening to her fretting and complaints, and trying to soothe and entertain her. She was extremely irritable, and seemed determined not to be pleased with any thing they could do for her. "Where is your mistress?" she asked at length.

As Phillis wished the liberty to expose this photograph frankly, in order to have it always before her, she had asked for it, and Saniel had given it to her, in her mother's presence. "If she has it!" exclaimed Mme. Cormier. "Ah! my dear sir, you do not know the place that all your goodness, and the services that you have rendered us, have made for you in our hearts."

Pompey and Phillis were bondservants under the mild existing paternal form of slavery. The king's commissioner of imposts perhaps would not have admitted he was passing the prime of life, but the crow's-feet were gathering in the corners of his eyes. His gray tie wig was in keeping with the white hairs upon his brow.

She started up like a guilty creature when the door opened, and Phillis entered with a letter in her hand. "Beg pardon, ma'am, I thought you were Mrs. Grey." "She is just gone up stairs will be back directly," said Miss Gascoigne, anxious to keep up appearances to the last available moment. "Is that letter for her? Shall I give it to her?"

Dat was de last time I eber sees my Phillis. I specks by dis time dey hab got de work all out ob her, and I hopes dey hab, missy; for though she neber hear ob dat place where all are made bright, I know she good enough to find de way; but I hopes she not be too full ob shine, coz I fraid I not know her from de white folks."

"What do you want, Willy?" asked Miss Stanhope, as the child appeared in the doorway with a teacup in her hand. "Mother wants a little light'ning to raise her bread." "Yeast? Oh, yes, just go round to Phillis, and she'll give you some." The door-bell rang. "It's a gentleman," said the child, "I seen him a-coming in at the gate."

She was by no means deficient in curiosity, and it was exceedingly trying to be compelled to lie there in doubt and suspense. The time seemed very much longer than it really was before Aunt Phillis came back, sobbing, and wiping her eyes on her apron. "What is the matter?" asked Miss Deane impatiently.

He had his little book that he used for mechanical memoranda and measurements in his pocket, and he took it out to write down 'straight back', small muzzle', 'deep barrel', and I know not what else, under the head 'cow'. He was very critical on a turnip-cutting machine, the clumsiness of which first incited him to talk; and when we went into the house he sate thinking and quiet for a bit, while Phillis and her mother made the last preparations for tea, with a little unheeded apology from cousin Holman, because we were not sitting in the best parlour, which she thought might be chilly on so cold a night.

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