UKMARC, INTERMARC and USMARC, whose paths diverged because of different national cataloguing practices and requirements. Since the early 1970s an extended family of more than 20 MARC formats has evolved. Differences in data content means that editing is required before records can be exchanged.

From an obscure writer of the Alexandrian period we get a tale of Pisistratus sending to all the cities of Greece for copies of Homeric poems, paying for them well; collating them, editing them out of a vast confusion; and producing at last out of the matter thus obtained, a single more or less articulate Iliad. * For a detailed account of all this see De Quincey's essay Homer and the Homeridae.

November 22d, the poor man got dismissed; France swearing at him, I know not to what depth; but howling and hissing, evidently, with all its might. In this avalanche of impending destructions, what can be more surprising than to hear of the Editing of Poems on his Majesty's part!

This has been due chiefly to the fact that the Stone-Blackwell family has continuously given not only of its services in editing and managing the paper, but also has made generous contributions for years to enable the paper to continue. So much in brief for the forty years from 1870 to 1910.

After leaving Waukesha, Brother Haddock's appointments have been Clinton, Oshkosh, Ripon, Appleton, Division Street, Fond du Lac; Fond du Lac District, and Racine, where he is laboring at this writing. Brother Haddock is a man of mark. Early in life he acquired the printer's trade, and subsequently devoted several years to the business of editing and publishing secular papers.

My dearest Sir, do me the favour to ask our excellent Committee, Would it have answered any useful purpose if, instead of continuing to struggle with difficulties and using my utmost to overcome them, I had written in the following strain and what else could I have written if I had written at all? 'I was sent out to St Petersburg to assist Mr Lipovzoff in the editing of the Manchu Testament.

And his hard work was rewarded by words of praise from the managing editor when he turned the copy in for editing. Tired from his hard day's work, Archie then went up-town to the quiet square in which he had his home, and he was glad to get to bed.

Kedzie and Ferriday were both encouraged when they saw a look of jealous suspicion cross his face. Ferriday hastened to explain: "We've been editing Miss Adair's new film. Like to see an advance edition of it?" "Love to," said Dyckman. "Oh, Simpson, run that last picture through again," Ferriday called through a little hole in the wall. A faint "All right, sir" responded.

"How would you like to try your hand at the editing of the Alaska schedules, Noble?" asked the chief of the division when the boy appeared before him a few moments later. "Very much indeed, Mr. Cullern," Hamilton replied.

Hala Hammond Butt, who was elected president at its second annual convention in Clarksdale in 1899, acted as president during this time but the editing of a weekly newspaper in addition to other duties left her little time for its trying demands at this early stage of its existence.