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It isn't for me to turn my back on old friends; but I doubt if the Bertrams will like to meet every one, of course, they are the first to be considered. Lor, Sophy, how you startled me; what's the matter, child?" "You're in a brown study, ma. How much longer are you going to stay in the boat? We have all landed." "Good gracious! mercy mother! Help me out quick, Sophy, quick!

"Shouldn't wonder if there was some trouble tonight," said Adam, awaking to the tumult. "Lor' bless you!" said Mrs. Peck sensibly. "Wait till it comes." The hint of impatience that marked her speech was not without reason, for a gale was to Adam as the sound of a gun to a sporting-dog.

The squire was much better, he declared, and had been carried down to the library. 'But, lor, sir, there ain't much to be said for your looks neither seems as if London didn't suit you, sir. Elsmere explained feebly that he had been suffering from his throat, and had overtired himself by walking over the common.

I've known ships leave the docks with their propellers half sawn through all round. Lor', there's no end o' the tricks o' the trade." "I cannot believe, however," said Tom stoutly, "that Mr. Girdlestone connives at such things." "He's on the waitin' lay," the seaman answered. "He doesn't send 'em down, but he just hangs on, and keeps his insurances up, and trusts in Providence.

The stakes were for a considerable amount, and the two heroes who had elected to plough something more solid than the waves, quickly found themselves the observed of all observers. Rumour, that lying jade, hints at a lady in the case. Certain it is that the pair, whose names have of late been syn been sy-nonymous with, " O Lor'! here's a heap of it, master!" "Skip the long syllables an' get on."

With a resolute step, and his arm still linked in Champion's, Captain Davison now advanced, followed by a wake of little boys, to that corner of the green where Mrs. Ruggles has her tart stand. "Hullo, Mother Ruggles! don't you remember me?" he said, and shook her by the hand. "Lor, if it ain't Davison Major!" she said.

There'll be four to lay for." Columbine turned with something of a pounce. "No, there won't! There'll be three," she said. "If that oaf stays to supper, I go without!" "Good gracious!" ejaculated Mrs. Peck. Rufus came out of his silence. "That's all right. I'm not staying to supper," he said. "But lor' sakes! what's the matter?" questioned Mrs. Peck. "Have you two been quarrelling?"

"Bress you, gemmen! bress you! Served my Master forty-five years and hab nuffin to show for it. Our little patch Hannar Amander got, but I tries to sarve de Lor at de same time, and dere is a better 'count kept ob dat in a place where old Master dead and gone now pas' twenty years, will nebber hab a chance ob getting at de books."

"Oh, Lor', Missa Bob," he cried, rubbing one bare foot up and down the other leg in ecstasy, "lemme go, too. Ah'll never ast ye nothin' again, Ah swear Ah won't. Please, Missa Bob." "Can't do it, Scipio," said Bob, kindly. "You're the only man we've got to look after these creatures. Here, don't let your eyes pop out of your head. I tell you, you drive to Mr.

Began to talk about Delilahs and Jezebels and Fools-there-was and the rest of it, and what a mug a feller was to let a female into 'is cosy home, who'd only make him spend his days hooking her up, and his nights wondering how to get back the blankets without waking her. My, he was crisp! Enough to have given Romeo the jumps, you'd have thought. But, lor!