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"Gentle sir," said Ike, "just lemme look at your watch a minute, won't you, please?" Laughingly the stranger complied, suspecting only that his odd accoster might have tarried too long over his cups. Ike took the watch in his hand, looked at it gravely for a moment, then gave it a jerk that broke the chain, and dropped it into his own pocket. "I like it," said he simply, and passed on.

And lemme tell yuh and you mark it down in your little red book so yuh won't forget it after you've peddled your woes to the hull outfit, you bring in that hide and some proof, or you get down on them marrow bones and apologize! I'm plumb tired of the way you act." Aleck Douglas scowled, opened his hard lips to make a bitter answer and reconsidered.

He found himself drifting down towards a mono-rail line, and hastily flung out two or three handfuls of ballast to clear it. "Lemme see! One might say just 'Pre'nez'! Wish I knew the French for take hold of the rope!... I suppose they are French?" He surveyed the country again. "Might be Holland. Or Luxembourg. Or Lorraine 's far as I know. Wonder what those big affairs over there are?

Dave would whup the preacher, but the gal he is a goin' to marry told him he shouldn't. Say, Jasper, I was on my way down to Smithfield, an' I didn't know but you mout want suthin' fotch from down thar." "No, ain't a hurtin' fur nothin' at the present. Lemme see. Yes, I want you to give a order to the stone-cutter for a tombstone for mammy's grave." "How big?" "Oh, 'bout three feet by six."

Come here yesterday for the fust time. Lemme tell you, Miss Grayling, we've knowed Cap'n Abe around here for twenty year and more. Course, he ain't Cardhaven born; but we know him. He's as diff'rent from this pirate that calls himself Cap'n Am'zon Silt as chalk is from cheese." The mush was on the table, Louise called Cap'n Amazon from the store.

"What is it you want now? If it's concerning money, or business, or the growed-up side of life, run along and don't disturb the carousals of a sailorman. If it's a fight, lemme get my hat." "I want you to wake up your fireman and have steam on the tug in an hour, then wait for me below the bridge. You're chartered for twenty-four hours, and remember, not a word." "I'm on!

I ain't heard o' no leaks. It must be in de empty apartment in de rear, kase dat old maid in de front would been kickin' my fool head off ef she's had any trouble. She's always grouchy." "Sure, dingy, it's de empty one in de rear. Lemme in an' I'll fix it." "You-all better see de superintendent.

Follow the young ladies, would he? Say, there was only three inside seats to my taxi, and I hadn't planned on ridin' with the driver. "Lemme fix that for you, Count," says I. "Hey, Cabby!" and I whistles up a second taxi. "What's the number, ma'am?" I asks of Aunty. "Oh, Perzazzer hotel. Get that, Mr. Shuffer? Here you are, Count, right in here!"

"No, no!" cried the boy, his tremulous hands reached out in a passion of supplication, "not d' cops don't let th' p'lice get me. Oh, I never took nothin' from nobody lemme go! Be a sport and let me beat it, please, sir!" All Mr.

'Lemme han' you li'l' mo' chicken salad, ma'am' 'Low me be so kine as to git you f'esh cup coffee, suh' 'S way ole Genesis talkin' ev'y even' 'ese days!" Jane looked at him thoughtfully. "Do you like it better than cuttin' grass, Genesis?" she asked. He paused to consider. "Yes'm when ban' play all lem TUNES! My goo'ness, do soun' gran'!" "You can't do it to-night, though, Genesis," said Jane.

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