An' if yuh don't want somethin' turrible to happen, yuh'll say nothin', but yuh'll behave yerself like a decent married woman an' go to church an' say yer prayers against trouble. That woman with the cards says whatever th' old Nick puts into her head to say." Mrs. Cregan cried: "She saw it in me hand!" Mrs. Byrne drew herself up like a prophetess.

"Nothin' suspicious about MY actions," Casey stated truculently, throwing discretion behind him. "The suspiciousness lays up here somewheres on this butte. If yuh want to know what brung me up here, Casey Ryan's the man that can tell yuh to your faces. I come up here to find out who's been gittin' busy with a high-power on my camp down below.

You're a good cook an' a good miner an' a purty good feller all around only the boss says you'll have t' cut out the booze." "'J you tell 'im you MADE me drink it?" Casey halted in the middle of the floor, facing Joe indignantly. "I told 'im I put it up t' yuh straight what your business is, an' all.

Kelly stared at her meditatively a minute, and said: "Well, I'll be damned!" Keith looked at her also, but he did not say anything. The way he slapped his saddle back upon Redcloud and cinched it, and saddled Rex, was a pretty exhibition of precision and speed, learned in roundup camps. Kelly watched him grimly. "I knowed you wasn't as swift as yuh knew how 't be, a while back," he commented.

"I'm shore glad to meet yuh again," he stuttered finally, and let it go at that "And how are yuh, Lite? Just as long and lanky as ever marriage shore ain't fattened you up none. My gorry! I shore never expected to see you folks away down here!"

I know what this horse can do when I try to catch him up on a frosty morning and I'm going to see if he can't go just as fast and just as long when I'm on him as he can when I'm after him." "We'll go yuh, kid! I'll bet yuh five to one," a man shouted. "You name the amount yourself." "Fifty," said Bud, and the man nodded and jotted down the amount. "Bud, you're a damn fool.

"Well, don't yuh worry none, Dilly. I'm here to see yuh pull out on top, and you'll do it, too. You're a crackerjack when it comes to the fine points uh business, and I sure savvy the range end uh the game, so between us we ought to make good, don't yuh think?

But he was game to the last just as they knew he would be. "Yuh couldn't ride Twister, yuh know yuh couldn't," Pink objected gently. "But if yuh could ride Jack's horse he's dead gentle, and we'd help hold yuh on. Do you think yuh could?" Andy moved his head uneasily. "I I've got to," he retorted weakly, and even essayed a smile to reassure them.

What'll happen if I turn loose on yuh, some time?" "You'll get fired, I expect," laughed Rowdy, and rode off to announce the news to the rest of the outfit, who were very unhappy in their mystification. If their reception of the change of plans and foreman was a bit profane, and their manner toward him a bit familiar, Rowdy didn't mind.

"He had yore tongue hangin' out a foot when I come along an' captured 'im. Don't go takin' no credit to yourself you ain't got none comin'. Mart'll know what to do with 'im, all right. But yuh needn't go an' try to let on to Mart that you was the one that caught 'im. He had you caught. An' he'd a killed yuh if I hadn't showed up an' pulled 'im off'n yuh."