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The wife didna like them ava, for it was said 'at there maun hae been some awful murder o' an infant on the farm, or we wouldna be haunted by a cradle. Syne folk began to mind 'at there had been na bairns born on the farm as far back as onybody kent, an' it was said 'at some lang syne crime had made the Bog cursed. "Dinna think 'at we juist lay in our beds or sat round the fire shakkin' wi' fear.

The officer's duties were chiefly up on High Street. He seldom crossed the bridge, and it happened that he had never seen Bobby before. Just by way of making conversation he remarked, "I didna ken ye had a dog, John." Ailie stopped stock still, the cups on the tray she was taking out tinkling from her agitation.

Willie exploded. 'What for did ye get me to mak' sic a cod o' masel'? 'Cod o' yersel'? Me? 'Ay, you! gettin' me to send a caird to ma aunt! What for did ye dae it? Macgregor stared. 'But ye didna post it, he began. 'Ay, but I did. I gi'ed it to a man at the station. 'Oh! . . . Weel, ye'll just ha'e to send her anither. 'That'll no mak' me less o' a cod. 'What way?

Long before they reached the Green they were joined by a younger man, whom the elder at once addressed in a reproving voice. "Ye didna pay as much attention to the sermon as it behooved ye to do, James Blackie; and what for did ye speak to Robert Laird a'most within 'the Gates'?"

"I never h'ard 'at tongues war cuttit shorter there nor ither gaits," said Donal; "but I didna mean ye ony offence." "There's nane ta'en, nor like to be," answered the woman. "Ken ye a place they ca' Mains o' Glashruach?" As she spoke she let go her shawl, and it opened from her face like two curtains. "Lord! it's the witch-wife!" cried Donal, retreating a pace in his astonishment.

Sandy was mad at me, for he was no curler, and he says, 'Jo Strachan, if you gang to Rashie-bog you'll assuredly be brocht hame a corp. I didna heed him, though, and off I gaed." "And I see you did not die," said Gavin. "Not me," answered the fish cadger, with a grin. "Na, but the joke o't is, it was Sandy that died." "Not the joke, Jo," corrected the doctor, "the moral."

"Yon divot 'at ye flang aff o' Luckie Lapp's riggin'," said Curly, "cam' richt o' the back o' my heid, as I lay o' the brae, and dang the blude oot at my niz. That's a'. Ye'll preten' ye didna see me, nae doobt." "I say, Curly," said Alec, putting his arm round his shoulders, and leading him aside, "we maun hae nae mair o' this kin' o' wark. It's a dam't shame!

With neither wife nor child, I have nothing but you, my lord, and I have nothing to live for but your weel. When ye were angry wi' me I didna blame you, I coonted ye just, but 'twas to me as when the sun gaes behind the clouds. I cared neither to eat nor drink had it not been for your sake, I didna care to live.

You ken the family werena well pleased when your mother married, and the sisters didna meet often till Miss Marian grew ill. They would fain have had her away to Italy, or some far awa' place, but nothing would content her but just her sister, her sister, and so she came home to the manse.

"I will not. I didna come to visit, if you please." Mary Hope's cheeks were hot but confusion could not break her Scotch spirit. "Want to borrow something?" Lance stood looking at her with much enjoyment. A girl in short skirts was fair game for any one's teasing, especially when she blushed as easily as did Mary Hope. "Want to borrow a horse that will rin away wi' you."

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