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"I tauld ye what wad come, gentlemen," said the landlady, "an ye wad hae been tauld: get awa' wi' ye out o' my house, and make nae disturbance here there's nae gentleman be disturbed at Jeanie MacAlpine's an she can hinder. A wheen idle English loons, gaun about the country under cloud o' night, and disturbing honest peaceable gentlemen that are drinking their drap drink at the fireside!"

Philip Devil! is the wench gone crazy all at once? was it worth while to send an express and wake me at five in the morning for all this trash? But what says her postscriptum? Mercy on us!" he exclaimed on perusing it, "Pike, saddle old Kilsythe instantly, and another horse for yourself." "I hope nae ill news frae the Tower, sir?" said Pike, astonished at his master's sudden emotion.

Sae doon your heid an' shut your een; Gien ye'd be away, my dearie An' the bonny sauncy faery queen Wull keep ye nae mair weary." You may think it uncommonly strange that Sandy could make a song like this, by himself; but, you see, he was not entirely alone there were the baby faeries.

"They are a contumacious generation," replied the gardener; "they hae sax days in the week to hive on, and yet it's a common observe that they will aye swarm on the Sabbath-day, and keep folk at hame frae hearing the word But there's nae preaching at Graneagain chapel the e'en that's aye ae mercy." "You might have gone to the parish church as I did, Andrew, and heard an excellent discourse."

"A whiff o' shrapnel will dae nae harrm to thae strawberry-jam pinchers!" observes Private Tosh bitterly, rolling into his dug-out. By this opprobrious term he designates that distinguished body of men, the Army Service Corps.

"Hold, sir! hold!" cried the roused man. "You now speak daggers to me! I could hae borne this when you were here last; but ye hae unmanned me ye hae made me familiar wi' him, the king o' terrors, wha waits for me. I know him in his worst shapes. He is nae langer hideous to me; and, being his friend, I canna be my dochter's faither and guardian! Why cam you here to revive a struggle that was past?

Ye'll be married yoursel', I'm hearin'. But, I ken ye's nae mair to be lippened tae for THAT." This was too much for the consul's gravity. "I'm afraid," he said with diplomatic gayety, "that although I am married, as I haven't my wife with me, I've no right to this superior accommodation and comfort. But you can assure your mistress that I'll try to deserve them."

"Well, ye see, I weary for my friends and country," said he. "France is a braw place, nae doubt; but I weary for the heather and the deer. And then I have bit things that I attend to. Whiles I pick up a few lads to serve the King of France: recruits, ye see; and that's aye a little money. But the heart of the matter is the business of my chief, Ardshiel."

The first beast we saw was a raddy, a droll sheep with four daft-like horns, and there came a great crying of curlews; and then, when we came near to the house without yet seeing it, there was a look of wonder in Dan's face. "There was nae grass here when I left hame," says he; "this will be your work, Hamish. Ye were aye a great hand for grass."

"Sit into the fire, Sam'l," said the farmer, not, however, making way for him. "Na, na," said Sam'l; "I'm to bide nae time." Then he sat into the fire. His face was turned away from Bell, and when she spoke he answered her without looking round. Sam'l felt a little anxious. Sanders Elshioner, who had one leg shorter than the other, but looked well when sitting, seemed suspiciously at home.

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