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But, Lord! to see how much I was put out of order by this surprisal, and how much I could have subjected my mind to have treated and been found with this wench, and how afterwards I was troubled to think what if she should tell this and whether I had spoke or done any thing that might be unfit for her to tell. But I think there was nothing more passed than just what I here write.

I said in a low voice: "You ended everything for Dolly Glenn." "How was I to know she was no light o' love this camp tailoress this silly little wench who but let it go! Had she but whimpered, and seemed abashed and unfamiliar with a kiss Well, let it go.... But I could cut my tongue out that I ever spoke to her. God!

His was a wily and profound nature; he reckoned that he could read the human soul, and he said to himself: "The wench isn't so set on leaving me as I thought she was." And instead of saying to her: "Helen, lass, if you'll stop you shall have your Wilbraham Hall," in tones of affecting, sad surrender, he said: "I'm sorry to lose thee, my girl; but what must be must."

"Aw-yaw-aw!" replied John, nodding his head very significantly. "One would think that the devil had broke loose to-day. What is it, John? Have you seen him, and has Susan seen him?" "Aw-yaw." "He's stopped your jaw, then, at all events, and I thought the devil himself wouldn't have done that we shall get nothing of you. Is that wench coming to her senses?" "Yes, yes, she's better now.

'Bless yo', no, dunnot be afeared, missus; it's only as a spoke hasty to t' wench, an' a want t' tell her as a'm sorry, said Kester, advancing into the kitchen, and looking round for Sylvia. 'Sylvie, Sylvie! shouted he; 'she mun be i' t' house. Sylvia came slowly down the stairs, and stood before him. Her face was pale, her mouth set and determined; the light of her eyes veiled in gloom.

So love one another, my children, by all means: but do you, Matthiette, make ready to depart into Normandy as a true and faithful wife to Monsieur de Puysange; and do you, Raoul de Prison, remain at Arnaye, and attend to my falcons more carefully than you have done of late, or, by the cross of Saint Lo! I will clap the wench in a convent and hang the lad as high as Haman!"

Am I not as proper a man as Tom Withstaff of Churt? And yet he came back after six months with his pockets full of rose nobles and a French wench on either arm." "God preserve us from the wenches, Samkin! But indeed I think that if there is money to be gathered you are as likely to get your fist full as any man who goes to the war. But hasten, lad, hasten!

Nay, even the tipsy crew at Bacchus's affected to treat her name with scorn: "The girl had made much noise about being called a trull, as if many a better than she wasn't one; and, after all, what was the prudish wench? a sort of she-butcher; they had no patience with her proud looks."

This quite overcame her; and she said, giving her brother her hand, Yes, I will, and you shall lead me any where! and kissed him. But don't think, said she, I can forgive you neither. And so he led her into the parlour where I was. But, said she, why do you lead me to this wench?

"'A thaw', said the tipsy fellow, finding himself held by the ice. "Then Godenot, like a good Christian, released him from his dilemma, and opened the door of the house to him, out of respect to the wine, which is lord of this country. The good man then went and got into the bed of the maid-servant, who was a young and pretty wench.

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