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Promise me, Francie, and I'll sune tak the maist pairt o' the trouble o' her aff o' yer han's. 'Ye're aye richt, Kirsty! answered Francis. 'As ye wull. The next morning, Kirsty told her parents that she was going to marry Francie. 'Ye du richt, my bairn, said her father. 'He's come in sicht o' 's high callin, and it's no possible for ye langer to refuse him.

"Drinkin'!" exclaimed Mr Cupples. "Little ye ken aboot drinkin'. I hae drunken three times as muckle as you. And gin that be ony argument for me haudin' oot o' your gait, it's mair argument yet for you to haud oot o' mine. I sweir to God I winna stan' this ony langer. It gangs straucht to the everlastin' burnin's. Eh, man! to think nae mair o' women nor that!"

"I maum hae langer to think o't," said Sam'l. "Bell's mairitch is the morn," said Sanders decisively. Sam'l glanced up with a wild look in his eyes. "Sanders!" he cried. "Sam'l!" "Ye hae been a guid friend to me, Sanders, in this sair affliction." "Nothing ava," said Sanders; "dount mention'd."

In the greatest impatience an' uneasiness, I first waited ae week, an' then anither, an' anither, an' anither, till they ran up to aboot six, whan, unable langer to thole the misery which her seemin negligence, or it micht be something waur, had created, I determined on puttin my fit in the coach, an' gaun slap richt through mysel, to ascertain the cause o' her extraordinary silence.

"So they tell me, Mungo; so they tell me," said the Chamberlain, neither up nor down at this corroboration. "In a week or twa! ay! ay! It'll be the bowrer nae langer then," he went on, unconsciously mimicking the Lowland Scots of the domestic. "Do ye ken the auld song? 'O Bessie Bell and Mary Gray, They were twa bonnie lassies!

I mauna bide langer on the wrang side o' the Moss ditch, though it has been as dry this month back as a tabbit's roady. But if you " His voice changed. "God's sake, man," he cried, "you're ower late. Look at that! Dinna look run, run!" If I had not run before he bade me, I might never have run again on earth. I had seen a great shadowy yellow river come riding down the Quharity.

She did not choose to tell Robert Bruce that although she was blind and probably because she was blind she heard rather more gossip than anybody else in Glamerton, and that consequently his appeal to her sympathy had no effect upon her. Finding she made no other answer, Bruce turned to Annie. "Noo, Annie," said he, "ye're nae wantit here ony langer. I hae a word or twa to say to Tibbie.

And Miss Marian is near as ill as the laddies; and poor, wee Rosie, growing langer and thinner every day, till you would think the wind would blow her awa. Master Arthur is awa at his eddication: the best thing for a' concerned. I wish they were a' safe unto man's estate," and Janet sighed. "And is Miss Graeme good at her seam?" asked Mistress Elspat. "Oh ay; she's no' that ill.

Having addressed this advice aside to her mistress, she raised her voice, and said, "My cousin winna stay ony langer, Mr Halliday; sae, if ye please, gude e'en t'ye." "Halt a bit, halt a bit," said the trooper; "rein up and parley, Jenny. If I let your kinswoman in to speak to my prisoner, you must stay here and keep me company till she come out again, and then we'll all be well pleased you know."

The night before the funeral, Dougal could keep his awn counsel nae langer; he came doun with his proud spirit, and fairly asked auld Hutcheon to sit in his room with him for an hour.