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"'Cause I had nae sic intention, my lord. Surely a body micht ken himsel' nae sant, an' yet like to haud his han's clean!" "What did Mrs Stewart tell you she wanted of you?" asked the marquis almost fiercely, after a moment's silence.

I'm glad ye've come, for Peter hasna come back yet, an' I'm feared somethin' has come ower him." "Strike a light, lassie. I've gotten haud o' a spy here, an' canna weel do't mysel'." When a light was procured and held up, it revealed the pretty face of Jean Black, which underwent a wondrous change when she beheld the face of the prisoner. "Uncle Andrew!" she exclaimed, "this is nae spy.

And I cam to believe 'at he wad mak you a good man at last. O father, it's been my dream waukin' an' sleepin' to hae you back to me an' grannie, an' mamma, an' the Father o' 's a', an' Jesus Christ that's done a'thing for 's. An' noo ye maun pray to God, father. Ye will pray to God to haud a grip o' ye willna ye, father? 'I will, I will, Robert. But I've been an awfu' sinner.

"Ye wad tell yer father, wadna ye?" he said kindly. "My father wadna speir. My father's a guid man." "Weel, Phemy, though ye winna trust me supposin' I was to trust you?" "Ye can du that gien ye like." "An' ye winna tell?" "I s' mak nae promises. It's no trustin', to gar me promise." "Weel, I wull trust ye. Tell the laird to haud weel oot o' sicht for a while." "He'll du that," said Phemy.

"If you're hitting at our minister, Snecky," said James Cochrane, "let me tell you he's a better man than yours." "A better curler, I dare say." "A better prayer." "Ay, he can pray for a black frost as if it was ane o' the Royal Family. I ken his prayers, 'O Lord, let it haud for anither day, and keep the snaw awa'. Will you pretend, Jeames, that Mr. Duthie could make onything o' Rob Dow?"

"Should we no rather haud the meeting oursel's?" "We have other work afore us," replied the precentor. "But what can I say?" Tosh asked nervously, "Should I offer up a prayer?" "I warn you all," broke in Hendry, "that though the congregation is sitting there quietly, they'll be tigers for the meaning o' this as soon as they're in the street." "Let no ontruth be telled them," said the precentor.

Salemina was Lady Maisry she whom all the lords of the north countrie came wooing. 'But a' that they could say to her, Her answer still was "Na." And again: "O haud your tongues, young men," she said, "And think nae mair on me!" Mr. Beresford was Lord Beichan, and I was Shusy Pye

"Your honour is the best judge," answered Ratcliffe; "but I ken I can keep her in tune, and garr her haud the straight path she often sleeps out, or rambles about amang thae hills the haill simmer night, the daft limmer." "Weel, Ratcliffe," replied the procurator-fiscal, "if you think she can guide us the right way but take heed to what you are about your life depends on your behaviour."

Let him have four shillings a week additional." "Troth, your honor, 'am no sayin' but he weel deserves it; but, Lord haud a care o' us, he's a queer one, yon." "Why, what do you mean?" "Why, de'il heat he seems to care about siller any mair than if it was sklate stains.

"How much money dost thou require?" asked the lady, with a tremulous voice. "Twunty pund, my leddy, twenty pund at the present time," answered Geordie, with the same simple look; "ye ken the folk haud me for a natural, and ower fu' a cup is no easy carried, even by the wise. Sae, I wadna like to trust mysel' wi' mair than twenty pund at a time."