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He said he would gaol me for an impostor if I didna tell him true, so I gaed about it cautiously, and after a minute or twa I telled him he was coming to Thrums the nicht to nab the rioters." "You are trifling with me," interposed the indignant soldier. "You promised to tell me not what you said to the sheriff, but how he disclosed our movements to you."

One sample will suffice; take him at the door of Meggy Robbie in the West Muir, which he flung open with the effrontery of a tax-collector. "You're a three P," he said, with a wave of his pencil. "I'm no sic thing!" cried the old lady. "It winna do, woman," Tommy said sternly. "Miss Ailie telled me you paid in your first penny on the chap of ten."

I dinna ken what ye hae done to bring yoursel' here; but here ye maun bide till the morn," said Christie kindly and composedly. "I will not, I say! What have I done to be placed among these vile wretches?" she persisted, stamping. "I dinna ken, lassie, as I telled ye before; but joodging by your manners, I suld say ye hae guided yoursel' an unco' ill gait.

Kester himself was almost startled, and yet it was as if he must go on torturing her. 'An' who telled thee so sure and certain as he were drowned? He might ha' been carried off by t' press-gang as well as other men. 'Oh! if I were but dead that I might know all! cried she, flinging herself down on the hay. Kester kept silence.

"And 'im obliged to stand up stiff, and dursen't say a word?" "Didn't you hear me say, `Drop it'?" "Yes, sir and one's blood b'iling all the while!" "Look here; you have been having it again, then, Pete?" "Again, sir! Why, I am always a-having of it." "What was it, now?" "I telled you, sir: nothing." "That was a lie, Pete. Now, wasn't it?" "Not a lie, sir. Only a little cracker."

"And that's just what I am telling you, only you hinna the rumelgumption to see it. How do you think fortunes is telled? First we get out o' the man, without his seeing what we're after, a' about himsel", and syne we repeat it to him. That's what I did wi' the shirra." "You drew the whole thing out of him without his knowing?" "'Deed I did, and he rode awa' saying I was a witch."

"You 'member 'bout last Communion Sunday," went on the little girl, "when they hand roun' the little envellups and telled all the folks what was willing to give five dollars more on the pastor's sal'y just to write his name; so Alfred he so frisky 'cause he know how to write; so he tooken one of the little envellups and wroten 'Alfred Gage' on it; so when his papa find out 'bout it he say that kid got to work and pay that five dollars hi'self, 'cause he done sign his name to it."

Two was wise and one was just a foolish young horse. There was some wolves what lived quite near the stable " "Wolves?" said my secretary, in tones of mild surprise. "The stable," explained Phillis, "stood in the midst of the snowy plains of Muscovy. I should have telled you that before." "Just so," said Robin gravely. "Go on."

The dominie could not help grinning a little at his own discomfiture as he told this story, but Aaron saw nothing amusing in it. "As I telled you," he repeated, "I winna touch him, so if you're no content wi' what you've done yoursel', you had better put Francie's mither on him." "I hear she has taken him in hand already," Mr. Cathro replied dryly.

"Weel, then," the gypsy said, hoping still to soften his heart, and making up her story as she told it, "yestreen I met the shirra, and he tolled me a' I hae telled the Thrums folk this nicht." "You can scarcely expect me to believe that. Where did you meet him?" "In Glen Quharity. He was riding on a horse." "Well, I allow he was there yesterday, and on horseback.