Having sate for some time rolling his eyes and gaping with his mouth like the great wooden head at Merlin's exhibition, he at length began 'And what do you think of him, Miss Lucy? 'Think of whom, Mr. Sampson? asked the young lady. 'Of Har no of him that you know about? again demanded the Dominie. 'That I know about? replied Lucy, totally at a loss to comprehend his meaning.

No one who knows the documents is likely to agree with him now, and from hardly any point of view but his could the greatness of the book be denied. Although Scott's humour is by no means absent from it, that quality does not perhaps find quite such an opportunity, even in Mause and Cuddie, as in the Baron, and the Dominie, and the inhabitants of Monkbarns.

Mayor, on the charge which will now be brought against me? It is not for myself, Mr. Guert, that I feel so much concern, as for the credit and reputation of my sacred office, and that, too, among your disciples of the schools of Leyden!" "Leave it all to me, my dear Dominie leave it all to me," answered Guert, well disposed to sacrifice himself, rather than permit a friend to suffer.

If you had ever permitted yourself to 'get on' with any man as Francesca is getting on with Mr. Macdonald, you would now be Mrs. Somebody." "Do you know, doctor," asked the Dominie, "that Miss Hamilton shed real tears at Holyrood the other night, when the band played 'Bonnie Charlie's noo awa'?"

"That's not deer," observed Uncle Richard; "it must be some savage animal at bay." We were hurrying forward having, I should have said, dismounted from our mules the dominie on this occasion leading, when, with a loud roar, a huge jaguar leaped from its covert, scattering the dogs on either side, and making directly toward us.

This intimation dispersed all the company save the Dominie, who, having no idea of dressing but when he was to rise, or of undressing but when he meant to go to bed, remained by himself, chewing the cud of a mathematical demonstration, until the company again assembled in the drawing-room, and from thence adjourned to the dining-parlour.

"Well," says she, "if the Dominie don't punish that big brute for this, I'll see whether I'm anybody or not;" and taking me by the hand, she led me away. In the meantime Mr Knapps surveyed Barnaby, who was still senseless; and desired the other boys to bring him in and lay him on his bed.

The mild and venerable aspect of the Moonshee, and his snow-white beard falling low upon his breast, must have inspired the Siamese statesman with abiding feelings of respect and consideration, for he was ever afterward indulgent to that Oriental Dominie Sampson of my little household.

With the harvest white and "lodging" for lack of a sickle, instead of lying under the trees criticising the sweating reapers who are at work, let us throw off our own coat and go out to see how good a swathe we can cut. Myself. You seem, Dominie Scattergood, though you have been preaching a great while, to be very healthy and to have a sound throat. Scattergood.

She was only afraid that the dinner might be spoiled, to the discredit of her housewifely accomplishments. Even the usual passiveness of the Dominie was so far disturbed that he twice went to the window which looked out upon the avenue, and twice exclaimed, 'Why tarry the wheels of their chariot? Lucy, the most quiet of the expectants, had her own melancholy thoughts.