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They got on board before the morning, and so away into the boundless West.* In such cockboats did these old heroes brave the unknown seas. "Three lords sat drinking late yestreen, And ere they paid the lawing, They set a combat them between, To fight it in the dawing" Scotch Ballad.

It seems the woman wanted her to marry a nephew of her ain kith and kin, and in this matter her father was of the same mind. The old man doubtless wanted a sough of peace in his own home. That was how things stood a couple of weeks syne, but yestreen I heard what may make the change wanted. This is how it happened. Yesterday afternoon Mrs.

But ten times liever would I be Reicht Heynes with nought but the leagues atw'een me and all my kith, than be as she is i' the midst of them that ought to warm to her, and yet to fare as lonesome as I." "Alack, Reicht, I did go but yestreen, and had gone before, but one plaguy thing or t'other did still come and hinder me." "Mistress, did aught hinder ye to eat your dinner any one of those days?

'Jean's a Lanerick wumman, he added, 'she's in service in the Pleasance. Aw 'm ganging to my Jo. Ye'll a' hae Jos, billies? 'Aw 'm sayin', the intoxicated rough persisted, 'ye're no a Lanerick man. Ye're the English gentleman birkie that cam' to Kirkburn yestreen. 'Me ane o' the polis! Aw 'm askin' the company, div a look like a polisman?

"Something o' that kind," said the post carelessly. "I'm no' weel acquaint wi' the law-wers' lingo." "Will't be true, think ye?" said Sandy. "God, it's true," said the post. "I had it frae Jock Hutchison, the clerk in Skeighan Goudie's. He got fou yestreen on the road to Barbie and blabbed it he'll lose his job, yon chap, if he doesna keep his mouth shut. True! ay, it's true!

"By the honour of a cavalier," said Captain Dalgetty, finding at length an opportunity to thrust in his word, "I am proud and happy in having an opportunity of drawing a sword under your lordship's command; and I do forgive all grudge, malecontent, and malice of my heart, to Mr. Allan M'Aulay, for having thrust me down to the lowest seat of the board yestreen.

You hae blood! Gae away, and dinna blether. I tell you what, Catlaw, I met a man yestreen that kent your mither, and he says she was a feikie fushionless besom. What do you say to that?" As for the post, I will say no more of him than that his bitter topic was the unreasonableness of humanity, which treated him graciously when he had a letter for it, but scowled at him when he had none.

"Aweel, thin your worship, I ken just naething of ony account; but I just happen speak what I saw yestreen under the castle wa', and doctor here, he wad hae me come my ways and tell your honor; its naething just," replied Cuddie McGill, scratching his shock head. "But tell us what you saw."

"Tell him," Dow roared; "and tell him what I said too. Ay, and tell him I was at the Kaims yestreen. Tell him I'm hunting high and low for an Egyptian woman." He flung recklessly out of the courtyard, leaving Jean looking blankly at the mud that had been holly lately. Not his act of sacrilege was distressing her, but his news. Were these berries a love token?

'See the mon wi' a face like a gerfalcon, cried one, pointing to Saxon; ''tis he that slew the Philistine officer yestreen, an' brought the faithful off victorious. 'Mark ye yon other one, cried an old dame, 'him wi' the white face an' the clothes like a prince. He's one o' the Quality, what's come a' the way froe Lunnon to testify to the Protestant creed.

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