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Sect. Gy. West. Disposal trestle just before demolition. View of South side showing chutes. P.R.R. Tunnels, N.R. Div. Sect. Gy. West & Oj. View across North River on line of Tunnels, looking from New York to New Jersey.

"Aweel," said Sim, snuffing profoundly, "if I were to offer an opeenion, it would not be conscientious. For the plain fac' is, Mr. St. Ivy, that I div not ken. We have had crackit heids and rowth of them ere now; and we have had a broken leg, or maybe twa; and the like of that we drover bodies make a kind of a practice like to keep among oursel's.

"Gang an' tell them i' my name 'at I tak back ilka scart o' a nottice I ever gae ane o' them to quit, only we maun hae nae mair stan'in' o' honest fowk 'at comes to bigg herbors till them. Div ye think it wad be weel ta'en gien ye tuik a poun'-nott the piece to the twa women?" "I wadna du that, sir, gien I was you," answered Malcolm.

He stopped, as a cannon stops after it has fired, the aroma of battle still pouring from its lips. "What are these papers in your hand?" I asked, not for information, but for breath. "They, sir? Div ye no' ken what's they? They's Doctor Grant's heids and pertikklers. Doctor Grant's heids and pertikklers, I'm tellin' ye. A' o' them but ane is the heids an' pertikklers o' sermons that made St.

It was impressed upon us, too, by "the Div." that both at Mons and Le Cateau we were strategically victorious. We had given the Germans so hard a knock that they could not pursue us at once; we had covered the retirement of the 1st Corps; we had got away successfully ourselves. We were sullen and tired victors, never defeated. If we retreated, it was for a purpose.

July 23. i got stung by hornets today. i went in swiming at the eddy and when i was drying my close i set rite down on a stump where there was a nest of yellow bellied hornets. they all lit on me and i thought i was afire for a minit. i ran and div rite off the bank and swam way out under water. when i came up they were buzing round jest where i went down. when i came out the fellers put mud on my bites and after a while they stoped hurting. i tell you the fellers jest died laffing to see me run and holler.

"'It's nane o' us, doctor; it's Hopps' laddie; he's been eatin' ower mony berries. "If he didna turn on me like a tiger. "'Div ye mean tae say "'Weesht, weesht, an' I tried tae quiet him, for Hopps wes comin' oot. "'Well, doctor, begins he, as brisk as a magpie, 'you're here at last; there's no hurry with you Scotchmen. My boy has been sick all night, and I've never had one wink of sleep.

Pewt cougt 4 pikeril and 5 kivies and 3 pirch. i cougt 2 pikeril and 2 kivies and 4 pirch and 1 sucker. we cougt sum minnies and shiners for bate but we dident call them ennything. we div of the bank at the eddy, once Pewt sliped and come down all guts, it nocked the wind all out of him. July 1. brite and fair. today is the first day of July, and we had my fish fride for brekfast.

"What but bigg a harbour at Scaurnose for the puir fisher fowk 'at was like my ain flesh and blude!" "Weel," rejoined Miss Horn eagerly, "div ye no look upo' that as a voo to the Almichty a voo 'at ye're bun' to pay, noo 'at ye ha'e yer wuss?

So that, regarding the first quotation which your Holiness has supposed, it makes clane for us, and tee-totally agin the heretics." "That's the explanation sure enough," says his Holiness; "and now what div you say to my being a common imposther?"