Aug. 11. brite and fair. i cant help laffing every time i think of Pewt getting licked. it is a good one on Pewt. Aug. 12. brite and fair. tonite me and Beany tride the same trick on Nipper. we saw Nip go down town and we rung Bill Greenleefs bell 2 times before Nip come back. we hid in old Ike Shutes porch and peeked out of a little window.

Brite and fair. when father came home i told him i had filled up the geese pond and he asked me where the tub was and when i said i had filled it up he said i was a loonatic and dident know enuf to go in when it raned. so he made me dig out the tub and fill in the hole. i tell you i have to wirk prety hard. Apr. 25.

Feb. 9. me and Fatty Melcher are making some arrow rifles down to his shop. we are going hunting for rabbits saterday. brite and fair. Feb. 10. brite and fair. tonite father brougt a magasine home tonite. it is the young folks. we all wanted it so we took turns. ferst Cele read a story and then i read a story and then Keene, we all read it out loud. Cele read amung the glass blowers.

June 16, 186- Brite and fair. my arm is all rite. June 17. Rany and thunderry. my arm begins to ich a little only i cant scrach it. June 18. still rany. all our arms begin to ich. Annies arm is the wirst. we dident go to church today. That is one good thing. I never knew it to rane before on sunday.

June 6. brite and fair. i know what Beany is mad about. he thinks i told about his getting a licking. i dident tell. he can stay mad if he wants to.

Brite and fair. nothing particular to-day. nobody got licked. old Francis had his hand done up in a sling. he said he had a bile on it. i tell you the fellers were glad. December 22. Warm and rany and spoiled the skating. coodent do anything but think of Crismas. December 23.

Pewt said it was me and Beany said it was Pewt. father came home and sent me to bed. he give Sam Dire 25 cents for the window. ennyway Pewt broke it. Apr. 7. brite and fair. Apr. 8, 186- it raned today. i am glad of it. Apr. 9. it raned today. i am glad of it. i went to church.

June 4. clowdy but no rane. went up to Chadwicks today and sawed wood. Boog and Pozzy fit while me and Whack sawed wood then we went in swiming down to Sandy Bottom. some body tide some hard gnots in my shirt. i forgot to split my kindlings tonite. June 5. brite and fair. Beany is still mad.

May 6. my hens dont lay enny now. i gess i dont give them enuf to eat. it is prety hard to keep a horse and hens two. we dident drive tonite becaus it raned. it was brite and fair yesterday. May 7. today was sunday and we coodent drive lady Clara. tomorrow nite we are going to lay for old man Churchil with his troter. i bet we can beat him.

Oct. 22, 186- brite and fair and most as hot as summer. that was prety mean of old Putty. Oct. 23. Mary Watson, Beany's sister and Mary Straton whose father chased me and Beany when we broke the gaslite, can run faster then enny of the fellers xcept Tomtit and Arthur Francis.