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"Well, when yer git done eatin' I got another job fer yer on deck. Yer hear me?" I signified that I did, and indeed was even then quite ready to go, my heart throbbing at this opportunity to survey other sections of the boat.

"We will wait until they are gone," said the widow, "for now that they are here we might as well have a bit of a chat with them. When a sailorman lights his pipe he is generally willin' to talk, but when he is eatin' you can't get a word out of him."

The quiet stranger moved himself and his glass a trifle further away and maintained an attitude of oblivion. "Gee! ain't he hot stuff!" "Git onto his shape! Great Gawd!" "Hey," cried Jimmie, in tones of command. Pete came along slowly, with a sullen dropping of the under lip. "Well," he growled, "what's eatin' yehs?" "Gin," said Jimmie. "Gin," said the companion.

He must 'a' slipped away while we was eatin' breakfast." "Yes. But, Simeon, Mr. Higgins, we hadn't ought to let him go like that," appealed Mrs. Holly tremulously. "Your wife said Mollie said she found him crying at the crossroads, because he didn't know which way to take. He said he was going back home.

"I took to 'em like a she-bear to honey, down in New Mexico this winter. Your Native Son is solid there, all right." "Aw, gwan! He ain't solid nowhere but in the head. Maybe you'll love him to death when yuh see him chances is you will, if you've took to eatin' dago grub." Andy patted Happy Jack reassuringly on the shoulder. "Don't get excited," he soothed.

"What's the matter?" called Penrod from the hydrant, where he was filling a bucket. "What's he doin' now?" "Doin'! He's eatin' the wood part, too! He's chewin' up sticks as big as baseball bats! He's crazy!" Penrod rushed to see this sight, and stood aghast. "Take it away from him, Sam!" he commanded sharply. "Go on, take it away from him yourself!" was the prompt retort of his comrade.

The woman caught the contagion of his sympathy. "De chil'n say he mighty comical, an' he layin' down in de baid," she said. Ephraim rose from his seat. "Whar you gwine?" "I mus' go to see 'bout him," he said, simply. "Ain' you gwine finish eatin'?" "I gwine kyar dis to him." "Well, I kin cook you anurr when we come back," said his wife, with ready acquiescence.

"First, he takes a bite off a yaller banana and then off a red banana, and then a mouthful of peanuts; and then maybe some mixed candies not sayin' a word to nobody, but jest natchelly eatin' his fool head off. A young chap that's clerkin' in Bagby's grocery, next door, steps up to him and speaks to him, meanin', I suppose, to ast him is it true he's wealthy.

It's stealin' the money they oughtta pay us fer our work! It's creepin' round the winders an' eatin' up the air. Didn't you never take notice to how they let it grow acrost the winders to hide folks from lookin' in from the visitor's winders there on the east side? They don't care how it shuts away the draught and makes it hotter 'n a furnace where we work! No, you silly!

And she was the more resentful because she felt, instinctively, that the memory of this suggestion would never be completely eradicated: it would persist, like a canker, to mar the completeness of her enjoyment of these clothes. She swung on Janet furiously. "I get you, all right!" she cried. "I guess I know what's eatin' you!

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