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Percy Parrott, who had arrived early to give his unsolicited aid to the deputy-sheriff. The Colt's automatic was easily identified as Dubois's gun, and two shells were missing. "A pretty rough piece of work," commented Dr. Harpe as she looked at the empty chambers. "As raw as they make it," agreed the Dago Duke for once. "Don't run away, Dago," said the sheriff, "I may want you."

"You can't guess it!" he exclaimed, when they were seated. "And what's more, I won't try. You're getting too mysterious, Bernie." "I've found him." "Whom?" "The bell-cow; the boss dago; the chief head-hunter; Belisario Cardi!" Blake started and the smile died from his lips. Dreux ran on with some heat: "Oh, don't look so skeptical.

Do you remember that dago Misetti who jumped from here into your parish when you were sheriff?" Blake smiled. "I'm not likely to forget him." "You walked into a gun that day when you knew he'd use it." "He didn't, though at least not much. Perhaps he was as badly rattled as I was." "Have it your own way," the Chief said. "But that reminds me, he's out again." "Indeed! I hadn't heard."

The first that I knew of their arrival, the two boys came whooping down the paths after the gardener, shouting, "Show us the monkeys, David! Show us the monkeys! Which one is Dago, and which one is Matches?" I did not want to come down for fear that Stuart might treat me as he had done Elsie's kitten. I had heard a letter read, which told how he had tried to cure it of fits.

It was at Sourabaya, in Java, that he had been shipped to fill, as far as he could, the place of a man lost overboard. The port had been bare of seamen; the choice was between the Dago and nobody; and so one evening he had come alongside in a sampan and joined the crew of the Anna Maria.

Jimmie Dale smiled. "Nix!" said Jimmie Dale. "I just blew in from Chicago. Used to know de Wowzer dere. He said dis place was on de level, an' I could always find him here, dat's all." "Sure, youse can!" returned the barkeeper heartily. "Only he ain't here now. He beat it about fifteen minutes ago, him an' Dago Jim. I guess youse'll find him at Chang's, I heard him an' Dago say dey was goin' dere.

"We never knowed it 'til last week," Phineas proceeded mysteriously, "an' we ain't mentioned it to nobody 'til we git a parlor fitted up an' a sign painted." "What for?" "Fer see-ances! There's been a Dago doctor, calls himself Professor King, hangin' 'round the Hill, an' the minute he lays eyes on Maria Flathers he seen she was a mejium.

The fellow was a Dago of immense strength and of no sense whatever. This combination made him dangerous, and he had to be treated accordingly, in a manner which he could understand. Reasoning was beyond him. "And so" Ricardo addressed Heyst with animation "you mustn't be surprised if "

"You've sold us out, you, and if you ever bring that dago face of yours on a level with mine again, I'll slap it." "Keep your hands off," exclaimed Lyman quickly, the aggressiveness of the cornered rat flaming up within him. "No violence. Don't you go too far." "How much were you paid? How much were you paid?" vociferated Harran. "Yes, yes, what was your price?" cried the others.

"I ain't jerry to all the Dago jabber yet, though I've copped off a little of it in the past two weeks. Put me wise to the gink's lay." "Elementary, Watson, elementary," replied Bridge. "We are captured by bandits, and they are going to take us to their delightful chief who will doubtless have us shot at sunrise." "Bandits?" snapped Billy, with a sneer.

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